If you think BA is the way...

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If you think BA is the way...

Postby Augusta » Fri May 11, 2018 2:44 am

...read this.

Obviously, everything said below is based on my experiences :), but it does not invalidate the Path -

First, you will have to find a BA teacher, who will be willing to share the knowledge.

Going for the Siberian Shamanism was an easy choice for me - Oriental cultures are too foreign. Voodu and Peruvian Shamanism - too modern. The rest - not dark enough :) Hence...

Don’t expect a ”wow” factor.
Don’t expect to receive some otherworldly revelation within the first year... or two. You’ll spend your time learning, re-learning, and practicing the very basics. It may seem very cruel to you. You may deem yourself ready for BA. Believe me, you are not.

You will be taught what is the Universe.
Will have to learn about 37 main energy centres - with 9 major and 28 secondary chakras. And then taught the corresponding points to all other chakra views worldwide.
Will have to practice days without end until your teacher is satisfied with your ability to feel and read any object - living or dead.
In parallel, you will practice your grounding exercises.
Practice to control the elements.
Practice to cleanse yourself with the most basic of the ingredients - beeswax, stones, lead - you will learn it all. No excuses, no modern technology. No spells binded to the vessel for your continence. You will learn to survive with that mother nature and the most basic store in the middle of nowhere gives you. Ever tried melting a tin soldier on a bonefire to cleanse yourself? :)

You will learn to protect yourself using the elements.

You will be taught how, when, where, and what to offer. Learn the deeper meaning and value of each offering, and how to understand, if your offering was accepted.

Learn about plants and trees. How to talk to them. When and how to gather/harvest them...

At some point you will be allowed to create your personal mancy set - by going to the forest, and asking if *your* tree permits to cut a branch. You will create something completely unique - using any system you feel closest to. You may end up with a set of any number, with each symbol (rune) holding the most special meaning to you - and you only.

Your teacher will monitor, silently.
And only when he is satisfied with your creation, and your knowledge and the ability to feel energy centers, you will be allowed to practice. Mancy only. Free of charge only.

Once you are any good at all, you will start getting some ”sacred sigils” from your teacher.
To interpret.
To uncover the meaning.
To connect to the meaning behind the creation.
To understand why - for what reason, for what purpose they were created. Whom will they serve, and what is the price.
You will be challenged to unearth the meaning of the sigils written in ancient languages, sigils of an astral origin, and the complete nonsense. With the only reason behind it - determine your ability to read energy signature and intent of the creator.

You are still there? Good.

Next come more exercise. How to control your voice to make it resonate with result-producing frequencies. Simple, really :) All it takes - practice.

You’ll next move to combining the ”sacred symbols” with spoken words, and will be allowed to create your first spell... then a ritual... then a more complex spell and more complex ritual...

All of the above - you are expected to master without any support of Spirits or Living Entities. And without calling any Immortals to your aid. You are expected to unearth and grow your personal power. Apparently :) to enrich and enhance your energy field, balance and open all your chakras... and be ready for the next step.

...you will feel powerfull, you will feel ready for BA.
You are still not, but you will be allowed to progress into direct energy manipulation, time manipulation, and finally allowed to conjure your first Living Entity. You will be allowed to work with the though forms. Play with your physical, spirit, and astral bodwith, converse with your ancestral spirits, and totems.
By then your pineal gland is nothing like of a ”normal” human. Telepathy seems way easier than a vocal speech...

...you now know, and can utilise, Astrology. Have learned (to some extend) a dozen ancient and modern languages. Read thousands of books. Done a thousand readings.

You have your own athame - and it’s a weapon that is not be taken lightly, it will protect you till the end of time.
You have you own wand.
You know when to use your hands, when to use your brain, when to use your voice.
You can lucid dream on demand, and enter other people thoughts and dreams.
Cemeteries feel so calm and welcoming, you like great there. You can ”raise an army of the dead” - you know how, and know what they want. You know enough to treat them with respect, and not to force them into some twisted servitude.
You are well aware of different practices from different cultures, of thousands different attack and defence approaches.
You now have very different views at life and death.
You can create a working ritual ”with your eyes closed”.

You have only few wishes left in your being - to learn more. And all the best to your loved ones.

Well, now your teachers begin to take you seriously.

Now they let you - under the strictest supervision - to evoke Chernobog. Mara. Koshejs and Rusalkas...

They demand that you offer sacrifices, and give the warm blood as an offering. Being very, *very* specific that any sacrifice must have meaning - you must feed the the homeless, the unfortunate ones... ”Taking life *must* serve the purpose”. Animal must feed the hungry...
Ever killed a goat? A bull? A chicken?

...Still want to do BA? All righty! :)

...it’s 5 years later. You don’t longer remember why you wanted to practice BA. Was it to bring back an Ex who hurt you so much? Ex who? Or was it to find the meaning of the existence? What existence, we are eternal...

You are a brand new green practitioner now. You practice, and continue to look for knowledge. Path of the Gather of Power - a never ending Path... (kudos to CH - pinpointed most precisely :))

...5 more years fly by. Your teacher tells you that you are grown up enough to take on some students of your own. You do that - or don’t. To each his own. I have 12 wonderful hand-picked students from all over the world. Darksies that I love to teach. We make a baker’s dozen - very appropriate for the darker practitioners IMHO :) - 13 witches of Hell

So, still want to go BA?

Follow these simple steps above (students are up to you, obviously).
As soon as your teacher deems you worthy to be a practitioner, you may begin.

Just never forget:

1. Never cast without your athame.
2. Never cast without at least 1 circle of protection.
3. Never cast without at least one of a personal shield and barrier, and without shields and barriers around your house.
4. Never underestimate the power of the simple protective measures like a witches bottle, elements protection (Fire, Water, etc.). Have at least one of each kind.
5. Never cast without calling all your protective Spirits at your side. And seriously consider investing in a Devil-Eater https://shop.creepyhollows.com/CUSTOM-C ... RIGUE.html to watch your back.
6. Seriously consider getting someone unstoppable of a Demon variety, who will protect you whatever the circumstance (from Liliths Treasure Tavern, for example). I went for the Demon who called me, and have only gratitude to him so far, and don’t except otherwise.
7. Never cast without cleansing the workspace prior to the cast.
8. Never invoke BA unless you are in a fully balanced, well grounded state. WA and DA may, and likely will, be lenient. BA will *eat you alive* if you have the smallest opening or instability.
9. Always cleanse the workspace after casting, and before dissolving the protection circle.
10. Always protect the vulnerable. Your elderly blood relatives. Your children. Your pets. The smallest mistake on your part - and *you* may be ok - if you protection is strong and versatile enough. But they will get it all. You will never forgive yourself if anything happens to them, and it will end you as a practitioner... and more.

Having said all that -

You may wander, if it’s worth it.

As it was said in a good movie :) - ”Oh, yeah. It’s worth it. If you're strong enough”.

I may, and will brag. I am way over 40 :) Look 31 at most. Happily married for 23 years. My parents and my kids are my best friends. Second only to my husband. Very comfortable financially. Healthy. PhD in Psychiatry, taking full advantage of the latest physics and bio-tech developments in my ”occult practices”.

BA can give you a lot. Just don’t get cocky.
You likely *will not* become a person who can get *anything* with a 100% guarantee. No one, really, can give you a 100% guarantee.
Most of my ”failures” as a practitioner came because people didn’t realise the most obvious thing - the more people are involved in a situation, the more difficult is the influence. Bringing back an ex - yes, possible. *But* it may take 3-5 year's of BA. And it costs - time, effort, money.
Other than that - sky is the limit.

If you practice responsibly, maintain the balance, and don’t conjure BA Entities (evoking is a totally different story, described above) - you may live a fulfilled, happy, and prosperous life while practicing BA.

Hope it will stop some people from rush and damaging decisions...

Truly Yours,

Augusta (still a practitioner :) - still to earm a Master title).

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Re: If you think BA is the way...

Postby xxMrS4nxx » Fri May 11, 2018 4:22 am

Interesting post, it really piqued my interest but I dont think BA is my way

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Re: If you think BA is the way...

Postby darkwing dook » Fri May 11, 2018 9:25 am

Very informative, indeed : )

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Re: If you think BA is the way...

Postby Dead » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:56 pm

Just an hour ago... Before i read this, i train my self--mentaly--for BA spirit. Just an hour ago, i though it was quick life changing. And after i read this, i strongly believe that BA is life changing... But i dont think iam ready to walk that path... Long path

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Re: If you think BA is the way...

Postby Dreamerunknown » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:00 pm

Siberian shamanism? Go get a khomus, it's fun ;)


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Re: If you think BA is the way...

Postby Sifu2244 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:00 pm

Where would I be able to find a teacher?

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Re: If you think BA is the way...

Postby Pip » Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:29 am

Great post...

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