A few of my experiences prior to...

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A few of my experiences prior to...

Postby chrysalis » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:42 am

willingly exploring the metaphysical. I felt an urge to share, I guess.

It was mid January about 9 am on a Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I borrowed his parents truck for a couple of days and they called and wanted it back. He was asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I brought it back to them myself, when I get there his mom opens the door takes the keys and shuts the door on me. Great, I have about a 45 min walk ahead of me in the freezing cold. I take a shortcut that will lead directly to my street, it's a suburban residential area. I hear dogs barking, probably at me. I see them, 2 pit bulls in a fenced in yard and yes they are barking at me, so I'll just mosey over here to the other side of the street, should be fine, right. ? Maybe not, because now I see them slide their large beefy bodies underneath the fence that gave way so easily and charge snarling in my direction. I freeze, no thoughts, my heart is pounding out of my chest, something held me there, frozen and I instinctively knew to breathe very slowly and don't look directly at them. They stopped abruptly, one in front of me the other on my left side, they were so close and just seemed to, I don't know, sniff me for a moment then turned and went back to where they came from, without a bark, growl or even look back at me. It was so surreal. It was such sharp contrast to the ferocity that which they charged at me with. I whispered "thank you" and made my way home. I just know there was an intervention from beyond the material, though I don't know who it was and I still don't. Still grateful though!

Backstory...for the most part of a year my boyfriend would have these, I don't know, episodes when he's sleeping where he would wake up gasping for air. He said it felt like his throat was collapsing in on itself. It was frightening for both him and me. It happened maybe 7 or 8 times, randomly.
So, he goes out with his buddies one night and when he comes home he's drunk and he passes out on my side of the bed, I couldn't get him to get up and couldn't move him so I take off his shoes and cover him up and let him sleep. I'm sleeping on his side and I think that I wake up, it's still dark and I see this thing that looks like the gray/black static fuzz on a tv screen when a station went off air way back when, it was really short but it clearly has a human like figure, head, arms, fingers, no features because it looks like static to me. Its near me on his side of the bed. For a split second the sight of it scares me, but then I feel this deep anger because it's inside MY house and (first clue I wasn't fully awake) I tiger growl at it, it was quite a fierce growl and shocks even me and the thing disappears. I look at the alarm clock and can't read the numbers, it's blurry and that confirms to me that I'm not awake. I do wake myself up and look at the clock again 3:18 am and go back to sleep. No, I don't think it was a dream.
Later that morning when he wakes I say "Man, I saved your a$$" grinning slyly at him. I told him what happened, I tell him that I think that thing was what was causing his "episodes". He just looks at me. I don't know what he thinks. He never responds when I talk of strange and unusual things. That was 20 years ago (I'm 41 now) and he hasn't experienced any episode like that since.

So, one afternoon I get a day off of EVERYTHING and I have the house to myself and that is a beautiful thing...what should I do??? Nothing. Take a nap with my most beloved cat, yeah, that sounds good. So that's what I do...I don't know how long I've been sleeping but I feel as if someone just sat on my bed near my feet. I open my eyes and don't see anything, not even an impression in the mattress but I feel it and my cat isn't in my bedroom. I feel this presence, it feels like a man, he feels extremely sad and lonely, I think he just died somewhere in my neighborhood. I don't speak to him (I never do) but offer him comfort and warmth and security, I guess, that's what I felt anyway. I fell asleep again and this time when I woke the presence was gone.

I think I cut myself off from those experiences, for the most part, trying to fit in with the people around me. Ive wasted so much time on that. Silly me...

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Re: A few of my experiences prior to...

Postby Dreamerunknown » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:21 pm

Sounds like a spirit, might do some clearings?


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