Maybe interested in zues

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Maybe interested in zues

Postby enchantedfae096 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:51 am

Hey all, I looked up at Zues at creepyhollow shop. And it does mention that he can really help to perform spellwork on a greater scale etc... What does that mean? Like if I want to do spellwork on levitation will he help that happen? Or even the impossible? Since he's so powerful.

As a Christian myself I do consider Adonai/Elohim/Ywhw/aka God to be very powerful. What he did for Moses was amazing... Departing the sea. Kinda hard to believe but Gods have such power that humans can't comprehend them sometimes.

Also has anyone tried to ask Zues to show off a lightening bolt in the skies? It would be interesting to watch.

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