Golden Treasure Chest Spell

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Golden Treasure Chest Spell

Postby lori67k » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:44 am

What you’ll need:

Cigar or cardboard box
Gold paper
12 $1.00 bills
or paper money if more efficient financially
Green Candle
Green yarn, string or ribbon
Thyme or Basil seeds

STEP 1: Get a small box... an old-fashioned cigar box is perfect for this...or something similar. (Any small cardboard box...)

STEP 2: Cover the outside of the box with gold paper or Chinese joss paper. (Many varieties of joss have gold foil attached - this is also ideal. Since I have this in abundance, I use gold leaf flake to cover the box with)

STEP 3: Fill the box with twelve $1 bills. (If you can afford it. This will "seed" the treasure chest with money attracting energies.)

If you can't afford it, just use any type of paper money. (I like to use Monopoly money for these purposes.)

STEP 4: Sprinkle the money in the box with basil.

STEP 5: Light a green money candle on your altar, with the Treasure Chest next to it.

STEP 6: Close the box. Tie it with green yarn, making 31 knots to close it. Visualize money coming into your life with each knot you tie.

STEP 7: Seal it with some melted wax from the green candle.

STEP 8 : Bury it underground, in the Earth, somewhere on your property. (If you don't have a yard, bury it in a pot in your house.)

STEP 9: Plant basil, or Thyme on top of where you buried your Treasure Chest.

STEP 10: Leave it alone, forever. Never dig it up... for as long as it is buried it will attract extra wealth and prosperity into your life...


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Re: Golden Treasure Chest Spell

Postby niceprotonman » Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:56 pm

Does it matter what you plant? Basil / thyme may not grow in some climates. 1s

Thanks anyway.

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