Leprechaun? Encounter during meditation

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Leprechaun? Encounter during meditation

Postby Glitterbug » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:28 pm

Hello, I'm new here. This is my first post. A good few months ago, after a fairly long spiritual hiatus, I was trying to get back into a regular spirtual and healing practice and figured meditation coupled with some self Reiki I would be a good place to start. I think was maybe on my 3rd session that I had an experience with what I believe to be a leprechaun (could be wrong). I was starting to enter a meditative state and the next thing I know a being came bounding into my 3rd eye vision with a hop, skip and a jump, turned towards me and threw a bag of black dust/mist in my face and it totally obscured my vision. It broke my connection instantly and after that I couldn't meditate or receive any visions whatsoever for a quite a long time. Not quite sure what happened! It might not have been a leprechaun but that was the closest identification I could make at the time. Was just curious if anyone else has ever experienced anything similar or if anyone could offer me any insights, I would be interested to read them. Thanks.

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Re: Leprechaun? Encounter during meditation

Postby Lewk » Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:13 am

This response is just an interpretation - not an intuitive reading of your energy etc

First of all a meditation vision can be one of several things or a mixture of some or all of them. Sometimes during my meditations I've had impressions of things that I then experience in the near future and just know that this has affected my meditation earlier. Sometimes things come into my mind that I'm processing mentally or psychologically. Sometimes it's archetypes or images or thought forms from my subconscious or my Id. I know. ..it can be pretty crazy in there!

Tibetan Buddhists were traditionally prepared for all kinds of visions. At the lower levels the monks treated these visions as literal spirits. Some of the higher level llamas viewed it more as manifestations of the mind. But due to synchronicity and destiny etc and astrological or other influences these meditation experiences may be highly meaningful, whatever they are.

Everyone on this forum works with spirits and treats them as real..as real as anything else is at any rate. So let's say it was a spirit you saw, not just a meaningful image. It seemed leprechaun like but the fact it used dark dust, not shiny gold dust, is suggestive to me of a dark spirit and of a leprechaun type of fairy. (Literally something to do with darkness, not something bad or dangerous. ) The dust seemed to stop you from seeing what you hoped to see in your meditation if I understood you right.

Spirits can work with us at the level we're at so it's perfectly possible I think that this could have been a spirit interacting with what was on your mind at the time and basically playfully suggesting a darker focus than what you had planned.

...Or it was just a darkish leprechaun saying hello...or it was your subconscious saying hello and reminding you you'd had a spiritual hiatus via an image of some black dust covering your sight..Or: it was both things. :)

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