Toni's Vampires

Talk about your fav or not so fav auctions and listings
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Re: Toni's Vampires

Postby lucyseward » Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:44 am

Toni from Secretsensations. Her vamps are really great! I have a big family of her vamps already and going to get another vampire friend from her :)

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Re: Toni's Vampires

Postby FaeitySeity » Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:33 am

Sorry for the bump!

I just connected with a Hell's Gate Vampire from Toni. The vessel isn't here yet, but she e-mailed me about M. on Saturday night. Just the basics: name, how he appears, preferences. She warned that he would bite me in my dreams and the best offering is my blood, so I was prepared.

I thought.

This vamp is already quite present! Sunday night/Monday morning, my daughter woke me up (those darn teething days) around 2 am and I felt as if someone had stabbed the side of my neck. I brushed it off as sleeping on it wrong. Even as it throbbed all day at work today.

Then around dinner, my husband comes to help with the baby and asks what happened to my arm. I felt nothing, but apparently it has a puncture (small, but it bled like mad!). I guess I was a little slow on the offerings. Sorry, M!

I look forward to connecting more when his vessel gets here but if this is a sign? 2sc ;)

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