Spirit vs. Living Entity - to clarify

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Spirit vs. Living Entity - to clarify

Post by S-I-Lover »

Hi there,

I did find some posts about my question, but the answers do not really satisfy, since in the context of my question those answers seem to be not as clear as I would like them to be ;)

So, sorry if I may asked this for the 1000th time ... but to get down to the point ...

a) a Nympho is a SPIRIT and a Incubus/Succubs is a LIVING ENTITY ? Is that right ?

b) if Incubi/Succubi are living entities, then there will be also Incubi/Succubi as Spirits (since some of them may have died already) ... is that right ?

c) if there are Incubi/Succubi as both "Living Entity" and "Spirit" as well, what will be the difference according to their need to feed on (my) energy ? I read, that there might be a difference, that the spirits do not need to feed on my energy anymore, but a living entity Incubus/Succubus will need to do so.
Can anyone explain ?

d) so - in any case - what are the Incubi/Succubi (customized) in the CH Shop ? Are those then (already) Spirits or still Living Entities ?

I would appreciate if anyone could help a newbie like me :)

Thank you very much, friends!


Well - what to say - let's just see

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Re: Spirit vs. Living Entity - to clarify

Post by Alena »

From what I've seen on CH both Nymphos and Ubi are classified as spirits. Perhaps you could get a living entity version from another seller, but I wouldn't know. As for energy feeding, there are multiple ways to do so. Some take energy from everything around them, bits so tiny that it's not even noticible, but, if you prefer, CH has Aeon Orbs for feeding your spirits energy. https://shop.creepyhollows.com/aeon-orb.html

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