I need help... cause I've issues and no clue why.

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I need help... cause I've issues and no clue why.

Postby Fireshadow » Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:32 pm

so I'm having serious trouble right now.
So basically, like a few months ago, I gave my spiritteams tasks like in a contest.
It was a silly game where I was trying to bound with them, and everything went right.
I asked my teams all different things:
the love team, I gave a choice between ' send me my true love or bring my exes back to me or make my family whole again ( my dad totally forgot his responsibilities towards his children for the last couple of ten years, and now he has forgotten he has a father and sisters as well, all thanks to his current third wife).
the magical team, I gave a choice between different things, but one of them was to open my third eye, and make me communicate with them. ( I kinda happened to come upon a website afterwards, called Udemy where they give courses about your psychic power)
Another team I gave the options between: give me a fulltime job with a better pay, help me to find a new place.

So basically past forward I encountered a wonderfull guy, and I'm pretty sure he is the one that I'm supposed to marry. The feelings I have towards him, I have never had that before. It's like... you know something so special, but quite normal and natural as well. But yesterdat... he kinda told me it's better for us to take a step back, and not call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, cause he misses something in our relationship.

As I'm of the opinion, that everything happens for a certain reason, I'm kinda doubting if this isn't happening because of the unfinished business I have with two of my exes. But now that I was so happy, for me it was quite clear now that I didn't want my exes to return. I just hope they dissapear quitely and I never hear from them again, but yeah... But the problem is that about those two exes, I maybe have put some things into the universe in the means of magic/ wishfull thinking. But it's totally not working out, as they are both totally ignoring me, so I'm not even sure...

With my dad... He is Christian, so I tried to call out towards the AA to help me out in this situation. Of course, nothing worked out like I wished. It totally blew up in my face... cause my own father turns out to be quit the manipulator, narcist, etc, etc... So I blocked every contact with him for the rest of my life. Next to this, I feel like I lost a part of our family ( cousins, uncles, grandfather) as well. Probably all thanks to my current stephmother who is worse that Snowwhite's Stephmom. But still, for the fact that I called upon the AA's, they could atleast try to help me out here. I mean, I'm still a Christian, with a lot of others views on different religions as well. But my grandfather is even a deken in church, and now he went totally crazy about Religion. He was always normal Christian, now he is over the top Christian, and it's not like God is doing anything about the family drama.

About my job, I'm doing a job I don't like. My ADHD became an issue. I'm bored during work. My boyfriend ( who isn't my boyfriend anymore now but more like my maybe future boyfriend) helped me with making my dreamjob come true. I quit school like three years ago, when I was dumped by my ex, when I was studying to become a vet. So now my current not-boyfriend helped me with going back to study for a vet.

As I don't have a fulltime job, my wish to move to a new place is also shortcutted, cause I don't have enough money to rent something else.

For my communication, third eye, it's not happening. I still fall asleep during meditation, and it's like I'm blocking myself big time for whatever reason.

And now my papers of the spirit teams are missing as well! So I can't even give them the price they deserve as some of them did very well with the team work, as I don't remember who is what team. 1sa

I'm not even sure what the heck went wrong? I mean, I've 48 spirits, wouldn't they make sure everything works out fine? But lately, I have more troubles to face than ever. It's like for all my mistakes ( that no one else pays to) Karma is totally hitting me. And I'm even wondering if it was the right choice to get into spiritkeeping. I love them, not from that, but... this isn't how my life should be. Yesterday after my boyfriend kinda dumped me, I was even pissed on my spirits. I couldn't bring myself to wish them a goodnight, and a goodmorning this morning. And yeah, I'm pissed and dissapointed about religion as well. For the fact that I call out to a lot of Gods, and try to be nice with them, it's not like I'm receiving any reward whatsoever.

I'm not sure, but I think I need someone's honest but magical view on this situation. Maybe I should have people read my cards, or contact Ash and Mags to help me out with those issues I seem to have with my spirits? But I don't have a lot of money left to pay for a reading. But I'm not even sure what reading I should have, of my spirits? of myself? of my karmic debts? Maybe someone cursed me and I don't even know, but for the fact that I have a bunch of spirits, there shouldn't be any curse.

Maybe this whole magic is totally the wrong way for me, also possible. Maybe I kinda f*****ed up big time instead of making things better.

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Re: I need help... cause I've issues and no clue why.

Postby Dasadon » Thu Nov 15, 2018 6:21 pm

Stop buying spirits. Stop buying surfaces from others. Lots nice when your spirits help you but u need to do some of the work too. You need to focus less on others and more on your self. Don’t start with your work life or your love life. Start with your mind and learn to hone it. Your lack of certainty combined with your lack of confidence in both your words and actions is poisoning your magIck.

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