Is there Such Thing As A Sadistic Healer?

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Re: Is there Such Thing As A Sadistic Healer?

Post by Muse »

I think you're going far off the mark here. Sadistic might not be the right term given what you've stated above, I'd liken it to mild to severe sociopathic tendencies. Which if that were the case, speaking with an actual psychiatrist or psychologist would be much more helpful than strangers on a forum.

I never did understand why forums get all of the ones in need. I guess its the anonymity. But then, there is also anonymous therapy online it puzzles me a great deal.

Anyhow, in response to your original question. Yes, a person with sadistic or sociopathic tendencies can be a nurse. Hell, they could be a great nurse if they were capable of faking emotion and caring for their patient. Most importantly, not bringing harm to them.

If you associated your sadism with sexual fantasies I'd suggest looking into medical bdsm and getting your kicks out there, not in a practical work setting. For obvious reasons. If it's not sexually related, figuring out the problem with a psychiatrist if you can't handle it yourself is a good path too. Honestly, whichever allows you to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain your professional life. That's the important part, right?

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Re: Is there Such Thing As A Sadistic Healer?

Post by Likes2Read »

Getting on the right medical regimen for you is Step One. After that, you’ll see if your symptoms are either gone or under control, and you’ll know if there’s anything else you want the docs to help you with.

My prayers are with you. I wouldn’t wish any of the mood disorders on anyone, ever. They’re excruciating, especially when the symptoms are out of control.

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