Vengeance Dragon?

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Re: Vengeance Dragon?

Postby Trypper » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:06 pm

I have a black dragon companion who I tasked lately for revenge and she took my breath away. The results were quick (within 24 hours) and devastating.

She's no joke.

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Re: Vengeance Dragon?

Postby Naru » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:52 pm

shiningshadow33 wrote:Thank you very VERY much for the replies, I completely agree CVDs are intense and incredible at what they do. My companion K, is very dark and intense, but also very kind to me. She usually is the companion who points out when I need to stand for myself in situations, pay attention to what I want rather than what others want from me.

I know this is an old quote, but I have a CVD as well, and feel similarly about mine. He is my guardian and guide, and called me very strongly even though I specified that I did not deal in vengeance, only justice on certain occassions. I feel like a lot of people only see the Chinese Vengeance Dragon as strictly a revenge-dealing spirit, and I like to point out when I can that they are fantastic at giving advice, and are very wise, loyal and have a wonderful mystical/zen type of energy (at least to me, that is), and mine keeps me be grounded, gives me confidence, and wants me to keep good habits, among other things.

If you feel called to a Chinese Vengeance Dragon, I would suggest heading the call, they are multi-faceted dragons with lots to offer! They may not be "cuddly" like some other species of dragon, but they are just as devoted and you will have a very wonderful mystical connection with them.

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