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Sun&Moon: Coming Soon!

Postby Nanami » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:42 pm

In the coming weeks I have some brand new soaps that will be making their way onto the website for folks to consider. These are especially exciting for me as I enjoy making soap a great deal. It's turned out to be a great way to de-stress! A few weeks ago I completed the Sage soaps. These are actually a little bit different from future Sage soaps as the color will be changing to match the purpose of another soap. At some point, I will also be offering hand poured candles as well. Right now these are still in the learning stages, but I will be sure to share them with the lovely folks of Creepy Hollows as soon as they come out! I I do have a batch of Healing Bath Salts that will be available either at the end of this month or in January. I have some other surprises in the near future, but I will keep those to myself until the time is right!

Coming Soon:

Sage Hand Soap (Original purple batch) - Had a rough day at work? Tired of dealing with negative people around you that are always dragging you down? Wash your hands with these soaps and wash away the negativity! I work in the Hospitality Industry. I have been in the same building for 15 years and I have often times come home feeling like I don't know what to do anymore. Interacting with different sorts of people on a day to day basis can be quite painful, especially if you are an empath like me. And quite frankly, these effects aren't always from customers, but my bosses. This soap can be used as both a hand soap and a bath soap. This soap has the subtle scent of Shea Butter and Sage.

Money Hand Soap (this is a planned green batch) - Some of us need all the help we can get to bring more money into our lives. These soaps will be created with a lesser version of my money spell. The spell that cast 12x on the money drawing bottles that I sell. The same spell that helped a friend receive $30,000 that was due to her after the passing of her father. Just like with the money drawing bottles, the soap will help continuously draw money into your life. I'm very excited to see how this will turn out. The money soap will be scented with Cedar and Pine, and can be used as a Hand or Body soap.

Spirit Communication Soap (this is a planned blue batch) - This, I am super soap I am super excited about. I have moments where sometimes i can be as dense as a board when my spirits try and speak to me and one of them actually suggested this particular type of soap when I was sitting and trying to come up with some ideas that folks might like. For this soap I will be using the spirit communication spell that I came up with a few years ago and helped enhance and open my own senses to the spirit world. I was always gifted, ever since I was a child, but a frightening experience caused me to try and shut that off when I was 18 years old. Thanks to my own work and the work of several wonderful practitioners I was able to get past those blocks so that I am able to interact and bring spirits into the lives of so many people. This soap will be scented with Sandalwood and will also be usable as a Hand or Body soap. - Currently I do still have some Good Fortune Shea Butter soap left. Not a whole lot, but some, so if anyone wants to try this one, now is the time. I am not so sure that I will be bringing this particular one back in the future as I really do want to go in a different direction with the soaps as you can see above. These were a part of the first batches ever made and were a great deal of fun. Each has been energy infused with Good Fortune and can be used as Hand or Body soap.

Also, remember to visit the main page of the website so that you may find the link to the FaceBook Group and join is as there is an exclusive coupon waiting inside for group members!

And don't forget to visit the main spirit page as there are many lovelies patiently and some impatiently waiting for their Keepers to notice them! I do not ship international right now, but I do distance bindings to vessel or direct if anyone outside of the US is interested and really wishes to bring a companion home!

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