does aroma therapy works for relieving depression?

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Re: does aroma therapy works for relieving depression?

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supersaiyan5 wrote:if you buy the right oil. and you know the right properties of their uses and such..
Vanilla helps a lot in my case. And sweet refreshing aromas generally. Sweet tastes/aromas usually make the most people feel satisfied and happy. If depression isn't deep of course.
Anyway, it's just symptomatic temporary help.
Like i always like to say at the topics like that: shadow work, work and work! Knowing the origin of your depression, it's deepest and primal source, is real victory above it. 1i

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Re: does aroma therapy works for relieving depression?

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featheredstar wrote:
SirJusty wrote:How would I know if I’m allergic to oils? I feel I’m allergic to something else besides aspirin.

But unsure what else I’m allergic to. I order online since don’t drive. I’m kind of now worried I’m, Least good Chance I be allergic to oils. How would I could protect myself? At same time if this aroma thearapy does work. I guess I could try this thearapy longer. Many thanks all.
People suggest using, from what I've read, the diluted oil you might be using, and putting a small area on your forearm/hand or somewhere safe. Check to see if you have a reaction to that oil, and just note any changes. Also, highly recommend to see a professional / doctor about it, someone who knows more about allergies. I myself, am not a professional lol. But the little tidbit is a way to find out. And if you are, then definitely go see a doctor about it if it becomes a problem.
Thank you for the tips. So far no bad side effects yet. Very well pleased.

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