my ubi attacked me

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Re: my ubi attacked me

Postby Regholdain » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:09 am

Johnny Seraph wrote:I'm late to this one, but:

If you're keeping a bound spirit, how much sense would it really make, for them to potentially be scaring you out of the whole idea of keeping them?

My senior incubus got mad at me, early on, for a bit of self-doubt, that he misconstrued as tacitly insulting him. In hindsight, he genuinely had a point, and that's MY position, not his. I mean, if I really believed such harsh things about myself, what's that imply about HIS standards?

Still, his reaction (OVERreaction, he wants me to type) was genuinely frightening--think Bilbo Baggins' reaction to seeing the Ring in Rivendell--and it took a while for us to sort through it. He didn't want to lose me, not after all it took to get us together, so he was REALLY gentle with me, until we both agreed that we'd learned something about the other guy as a result of what happened.

So, if it really is a spirit that wants to be with you for the long haul, it would be counter to their interests, to be scaring you away.

That said, don't let them boss you around. Lay down the law, as the need arises. If you have an easygoing nature, it can feel a little weird telling your spirits, No, that's wrong, you're breaking the rules, and you know it. But make sure you can do that, if you have darker spirits in your keep.


And best post ever about bound spirits "attacking" or "causing negativity".

You're incubus's reaction is somewhat similar to a certain succubus of mine. She saw me post about her being manipulative earlier today and had a worrisome chat as soon as I got into the car after work about whether I considered her a "troublesome" spirit. She took it extremely to heart and didn't realize I was discussing something that in my mind we had already moved past. To her it sound like I was still upset and considered her trouble. Which I'm not and I don't. LOL

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Re: my ubi attacked me

Postby Johnny Seraph » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:18 am

Meh. E. and I quickly cleared things up, all things considered. He knows when I'm being merely self-deprecating, and when I seriously believe some of my more critical self-talk.

Not that he likes the idea of me being my own worst critic: he just quipped, "Johnny, there are enough people in your world who would criticize you already. Why do you have to do their job for 'em?"

And before I even was typing that, he gave me a really firm embrace, and told me, several times, "If I can love you, you can love yourself."

There was more leading up to it, but that was the important part.

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