Elysium Conjures

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Elysium Conjures

Postby GodSlayerBabe » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:01 am

I have seen Elysium Conjures mentioned a few times before on the CH forums but I really wanted to write up a positive review about them on here. They're amazing! I cannot express enough how much I actually enjoyed the whole entire process even though it lasted a few months. Definitely unique and they will give you a one-of-a-kind spirit/entity and binding. They are on the higher price spectrum though but I will say this - I normally do not dish out a lot of money for bindings but I found this one to be worth it.

They're a little bit different - they have a website and don't normally have pre-conjures up at all so they have an application on their website that you have to submit to them in order for them to decide if you will receive a conjuration for your choice of a Reverse Adoption or Custom Conjure. They also won't have physical vessels to offer until summer 2019 so they are only doing remote bindings to your own vessel. Their application is extremely detailed - like they will ask you what your experience is and background about yourself and even your gender pronouns and everything. It's really neat. It's a lengthy application but I enjoyed filling it out. I also feel they are very good for beginner and advanced keepers who are interested. Their website is also very informational too... you can learn quite a lot on there if you happen to be someone who is in the process of learning.

I wasn't even expecting much out of sending a submission but they responded back to me saying they would be happy to do a reverse adoption and so I ended up going through with the process and their communication was really awesome! They also do at least a 2-3 month vetting process of the spirit or entity that is conjured, which I really like. I accepted their offer of a conjuration in December 2018, I was told to expect everything to be completed in March, and that is exactly the timeline that followed. They emailed me occasionally throughout the months to check in on me and give me bits of information on who came to me. Even the initial emails were detailed too, and they ensured to answer your questions.

Now that everything is complete though - what blew me away was the fact they gave me a whole 13 pages of information on my entity - which is a male Dark Angel! I was very stunned actually since I felt the RA was absolutely perfect and they wrote so much about him in great detail in the document they sent me. They're the only conjurer who has given me the most detail about an entity ever. Most conjurers usually give a paragraph at most but Eridanos and Lethe took great care in producing a full-body document listing off what offerings you can give, what their manifestations are, their appearance, their background, etcetera. It felt very personalized. It really felt like I got to know my angel so much better. Honestly I am so excited to bring him here into my spirit family... I am even thinking of making him in charge of everyone here LOL.

I would highly recommend them! Very unique shop and I noticed they are extremely popular within the Tumblr spirit keeping community lol. I've seen a lot of happy spirit keepers who had a spirit bound to them, and I can see why now after I've contacted them and everything. Definitely one of my top favorite conjurers now. A++++

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Re: Elysium Conjures

Postby GoldenAitvaras » Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:56 pm

Anybody else have any reviews for this seller? They are kind of expensive but they do seem interesting.

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