What does your thoughtform do?

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What does your thoughtform do?

Postby GodSlayerBabe » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:27 am

Anybody have a thoughtform?

Do you have one from Creepy Hollows? If so, what's your experiences?

Mine is not created from CH, but through somebody else for me... I was able to have mine free of charge since the conjurer was offering to create thoughtforms for free for a limited time. She's also the same person who did a reverse adoption of a vampire-incubus for me back then. I modeled his appearance after Leon from the Resident Evil 2 remake (alright, don't laugh, but ...I really liked his Noir outfit appearance and that is what I chose LOL). I decided to make mine a permanent one, and not temporary. Then I had him bound to a very cute stuffed bunny vessel despite the fact the vessel doesn't reflect his traits lol.

I mostly had mine created for protective properties, to help me achieve personal ambitious goals, and to help me foster more connections with people. I lack social connections so I wanted my thoughtform to help me with that. I also had him have similar traits to a daemon too. I don't have a daemon in my keep at all so I wanted to create a thoughtform that had similar disposition as daemons. I don't know why but I've had that thought stuck in my head since forever whenever I kept thinking of having a thoughtform one day and so I decided to make it happen.

I made mine created for the purpose of being a close companion type, kind of like a watcher and guardian...nothing too simple, and nothing too complicated. I just wanted one with me. I didn't try to incorporate too much of Leon's character as my thoughtform's character actually but I guess I kind of ended up sort of doing that, somewhat.

How did you construct your thoughtform? What are its purposes? How did you "program" yours, and does it have any objectives, etc?

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Re: What does your thoughtform do?

Postby Lewk » Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:50 pm

I have the Tempirtan Ritual binding from CH that spawns Energy Beings & Energy Forms. Just to give context, I have books on creating thoughtforms, tulpas, servitors etc and haven't got round to doing it yet.

My mind has been spawning them - in a standard way (not claiming extraordinary superpowers here) - for many years. Part of my interest in how thoughtforms & servitors are created is to gain a better understanding of how this all works and get my mental/astral processes more under control.

I have self trained in mental control and self observation but my mind still feels rather like the Id creature in Forbidden Planet. Difficulty sleeping and oversensitive empathic facility doesn't help much.

So I have been focusing more on getting myself spiritually, psychically etc under control or in balance. I don't do many rituals or chase lots of goals (comparatively speaking).

The Tempirtan Ritual is recommended for creating energy forms that will aid your magic work. I've tested it and it's pretty good.

I also have 45 Eclipse Metaphysical Guardian servitors, that act like companion spirits but are easy to task for anything (depending on their abilities). One of them is their most complex one, the Grand Empress, which can do virtually anything, including create copies of herself during psychic combat.

I also have their Cornucopia, which can create temporary servitors for whatever purpose.

So I use whatever I have as an add on for living my life and achieving harmony in it. (When I say I don't really do much magick ritual, I mean apart for protection and spiritual versions of it and my spirits, servitors and spells are working it all the time...probably better than I would just in my own. when I say I don't do much magick, I mean apart from using it every day to live my life!

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