Is there a way to contact the “transcended witches”?

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Is there a way to contact the “transcended witches”?

Postby Wizard » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:22 pm

There is one particular type of “Witch” as referred to in some forms of folklore, the ones who are able to manifest magick in this realm and have dominion over manipulation of natural magick or nature if they exist?

Would they be willing to talk also?

You sometimes hear them referred to as “The Witch of (Area)” and so on with supernatural feats attributed to them at where they lurk or by any eyewitnesses.

Think I mentioned them last time but if they do, is it possible to contact them in any way you think? Since basically if they do exist it’s likely they know almost everything there is to know.

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Re: Is there a way to contact the “transcended witches”?

Postby Likes2Read » Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:58 pm

You might need to track down an area with a legend like you are describing, then travel there to investigate. APing there is an option, but if you do, go with protection because the Witch of XYZ might not be a fan of unexpected, uninvited visitors. Picture some random stranger popping up in your living room... would you welcome them in without ascertaining their motives at the very least, would you grab them by the collar and haul them out the door immediately, would you clock them with a right hook to the jaw and THEN haul them out the door? Or would you do worse to them in the attempt to Terminate Potential Threats With Extreme Prejudice?

I suspect that any such legendary beings have already been visited by everything from legitimate would-be learners to juvenile edgelords trying to scare themselves to would-be exorcists. Only they can say whether they’re willing to entertain any more such interaction. And you might have to prove yourself to any such being (if they let you stick around) before they’re willing to share any info.

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