Why am I so emotionally attached to a certain type of creature?

Freddy Freaker
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Why am I so emotionally attached to a certain type of creature?

Postby Freddy Freaker » Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:46 am

My number one weakness is any creature that resembles a little teddy bear. All I have to do is see a picture of a small teddy bear like creature and my inner child will take over almost instantly. As a kid, I assumed that this was just a phase because all children love teddy bears. But even as a full grown man the mere mention of them will make me go from acting like Danny Trejo to Big Bird lol. One day when I was absolutely furious to the point of literally feeling my blood boil, I was watching an episode of Family Guy when they cut away to some scene involving Stewie's little bear Rupert. As soon as I saw Rupert, my heart completely softened and all my anger faded away in a flash. I don't get offended by hardly any crude or insensitive jokes but whenever a dark comedy show depicts a little anthropomorphic teddy bear getting killed I will change the channel so fast. My heart just can't take that kind of thing. I didn't even feel comfortable eating those little graham crackers shaped like bears as a kid. I loved eating Goldfish crackers and other junk food shaped like animals but while those teddy grahams tasted great but the idea of eating something shaped like that particular creature made me feel sick to my stomach. This seemingly childish attachment is so severe that when one of my friends was watching Family Guy and they had a clip of a teddy bear hanging himself, I practically demanded he change the channel which is very out of character for a usually laid back person like myself. So what is my attachment to little bear creatures all about? Does anyone else have a serious emotional connection towards other fantasy type beings whether it be dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, etc. Keep in mind that I don't care that much for real bears, it's the more cartoonish ones like Care Bears-type stuff that I'm so passionate about.

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Re: Why am I so emotionally attached to a certain type of creature?

Postby MysticEmpath » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:55 pm

For one, cartoon bears are crazy cute. They are emotionally grounding from a child's perspective because they are comforting to have with us and hold on to when we are going through changes and growth, (from the topic of cartoons they can also be "relatable" in a way) and we can take that also into our later years. For some people they may be more inclined to be attached to other non-sentient type of toys/characters this may be dolls, teddy bears (especially those TY ones I find) and even Pokemon. With such a strong emotional attachment to bears in particular, it makes me wonder if a Bear could be either your spirit animal or a totem and it may be making itself known to you in a way that is relatable (as in they can be like pets or children and all you want to do is protect, love and see the best in them), which also may explain why you're not as attached to real bears because your affiliation is not quite the same. You should look more into it because there may be a strong reason why you are drawn to them.

I don't have a serious emotional connection to any one specific fantasy type being. The Unicorn that I ended up having a serious friendship with was actually supposed to be an elf, lol. There was a mix-up but she is absolutely one of the best most vibrant WA beings I have and in that way I'm now obsessed with them. I have also seem to have attracted some lovely unbound Fae after bonding with my Twilight Fae and have developed a newfound interest in all things about the Faeries. The amazing thing with a spiritual journey is you really never know where it will lead you, and there can be signs right in front of you and never realize until you start to "wake up" and realize there's more to this world.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Re: Why am I so emotionally attached to a certain type of creature?

Postby Regholdain » Tue Apr 23, 2019 6:53 pm

I agree with MysticEmpath on this - you may have a spirit guide, totem, or spirit animal that is trying to connect with you through your attachment to teddy bears.

I would go even further and suggest that perhaps this could also be something to do with a non-human past life that is still causing an impression on this life for you.

Either way, I would recommend some meditation and soul searching on this significant emotional reaction. There's definitely something about it, but it may take some time to fully understand and uncover.

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