Malicious God Djinn

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Re: Malicious God Djinn

Postby Eden's Eve » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:24 pm

I'm just curious, has the issue been resolved? Dark custom conjures and more 1ht

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Re: Malicious God Djinn

Postby nina » Fri May 24, 2019 6:45 am

I just read this entire thread ... Am also hoping to know if this is resolved... Being from the ASD spectrum myself I could relate to many of the issues glowworm talked about. The social issues, obsession, anxiety , insecurity,,,, I have it all as well .... To people with ASD these issues are more extreme than NT people.. and yes we do always feel misunderstood....

I am new to spirit keeping and hence can’t advice you on that aspect.... So what I can advice you which has “always” worked for me is to kneel , pray to Jesus, and cry my heart out and recite psalm 23 and 91.... This will give you a feeling of protectiveness , the crying is going to release your pent up frustrations and on the whole you are going to feel much better. Things are not going to resolve immediately ,,, but keep at it,,, pray morning and evening and recite psalm 23 and 91.. if you are not comfortable to say the name Jesus, then pray to “God”... And the ultimate creator is going to send someone powerful enough to help you... Psalm 91 and 23 will definitely be available online if you don’t know about it... For sometime forget about the spirits , both in your keep and out of it , and just pray to God the creator... In time you will become more positive and lighter and begin to see things differently.... Just do this regularly Twice a day , after you wake up in the morning and before going to bed....

As for your wish , pray to God to give you a home of your own,a home where you can be happy in... I understand why you made that wish , but wishing for your moms partners home is a darker wish .... you think you are entitled to, but it’s your moms partner who has to decide to whom ultimately he leaves his house to. But you can pray to God as you definitely need a home , you definitely need a job ,, and ultimately what God gives will be what is best for you , something that will also give you peace and happiness , and not inherit with misery .... Who knows, God may touch that mans heart that he will feel sympathetic to you and make you the rightful owner... but I would advise when you pray , ask God what you need... and what you need right now is a good home and a good job that you will find peace and happiness in...

All the best and I really hope that everything works out in due time for you ... Ups and downs is a cycle of life.... if now you are down it will be followed by a period of up for sure ... Just have faith in God and pray to give you the strength to walk through your downs.

Off to a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime 1h

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