Astral Vision Investigation

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Astral Vision Investigation

Post by Akingz »

Hi, everyone! 1ak

I would need some insight into what is happening to me and which can also happen to others.

To start, I will talk about astral vision starting with some questions for those using this sense to navigate in the astral:
Once out how do you open your astral eyes? (describe the internal process you use...)
For me

I imagine myself opening my other body's eyes and it works but not all the time.
I found today by accident another technique to do it and would like to share it with you guys before telling you about my other discovery :)
  • [ Very simple, once your body is asleep and you have kept a certain degree of consciousness.
    Try to get your hands out. Once, your hands out.
    Rub your hands and then your eyes lol
    Thanks to this you will become aware of your astral eyes through the sense of touch! ]
For the story: I found this technique by taking a nap and my eyes were itching.....
Now let's move on to the problem I discovered about myself.
I'm sorry, I couldn't spare your physical eyes (this will train your quick reading skills haha)

The astral journey

For a few weeks now, I've been trying the astral journey again.
For the simple reason of learning to defend myself and help my loved ones with spiritual problems by going directly to this dimension.

Why ?

Because I was helpless in the face of attacks at night resulting in sleep paralysis with a lot of annoying sensation and other reasons that affected the one with me: my girlfriend
If it's just me, it's okay, but when it affects my loved ones.... It's not the same thing.

Astral training in the past

In the past, when I finally managed to get out or just be in the out phase, I could see clearly but I noticed that with time I could see less and less with my astral eyes without knowing why....
I always told myself that I had to do something wrong or that it was my spirit that induced it for a good reason.
This forced me to develop another vision, to see without my eyes but with my mind. (much more blurry though... similar to the view you have in a dream).
An blessing in disguise, you will tell me....

Adding to this, more and more regular nocturnal spiritual attacks, this gradually discouraged me and I left out the spiritual.
The attacks continued less and less but still present.

Epiphany phase

But today, I'm in epiphany haha everything connects between.
During these past attacks, there was always something behind me that touched my 3rd eye, sometimes licked my forehead or touched my skull quite hard.
As if to keep me from seeing... When you don't see you don't know who the enemy or friend is.
Not seeing much left, that's when the new attack intensified.
My incredulity of the past believed that it was just me who couldn't see anymore. But in addition to not seeing anymore, when I tried to go out to fight the thing, I couldn't move any more, my astral body was like tied up.
And after the banishment service of CH a few weeks ago, no more paralysis and I started to regain my sight and my sensitivity to energy.
But the same thing came back and put something on my forehead like a tablecloth and I could see a leg like a spider's leg. (I await Magnolia's feedback on the details of what they found).


In the beginning, I attracted a lot of people...
Like our grandparents who discover the Internet, they do not distinguish between true and false and accept the wrong things because of a lack of discernment.
I let things go as long as it seemed visually safe to me and they understood it because by blocking my ability to discern, the notion of defence does not exist...
I think this creature blocked my ability to see to pass under the radars and then others took the opportunity to pretend to be my spirits.
My companion may have let all of this going on to let met understand and pay for my naivety.

Another clue: One day, I had a lucid dream and I called one of my spirits who was calling me from afar to help him. He was stuck in some kind of spider cocoon.

Voila, know that I am delighted to finally be able to act but I have always been told that I tend to do everything alone and that's why I ask for your help to solve this mystery :)

Can someone experimented send his spirit companion to confirm what happen ?

Have a nice day
Thank you !

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Re: Astral Vision Investigation

Post by Vastolord »

I got to try this i been trying to astral travel for a long time

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