Talking Outloud?

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Re: Talking Outloud?

Postby ravenspiritdancer64 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:45 pm

I have always just talked to my one spirit I have had all my life telepathically. That is, once I realized who and what he was. I have had a lot of practice with it I guess. It just feels more natural to me to do so.

"It's ok to talk to yourself. It's even ok to argue with yourself, but, if you argue with yourself and you lose, you are in trouble."


4 Spirit so far: "WM", part of the Tuatha De Danann but one who has chosen to reincarnate many times; "L", a Bja Alliance High Elf, custom conjure, to help me with physical healing. "C" and "M" , both Cambions.

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