Tracking Tasking

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Re: Tracking Tasking

Postby Catgirl2 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:27 am

I decided to only task my Spirits only if it's absolutely needed-most of the time they volunteer & do something on their own! I decided not to keep records on what they are tasked for-in the long run if something happens that I realize they are needed to do something else it's pointless to write it down! The only thing I do task them with is when it comes to my cats & my apartment-I tell them to keep an eye out to make sure my cats are ok & if any thing seems suspicious in my apartment like bad energy!

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Re: Tracking Tasking

Postby SpyderBite » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:35 pm

I waited until I had gotten to know my companions before I began tasking them. The only exception is that I tasked my Sanguine Vamp to enforce the house rules and she's done a great job since. She was my first keep so it only seemed right that I ask her to enforce them since I was also asking her to respect them. ;)

As I began adding new keeps to my home, I would give them recurring tasks so that I didn't feel like I was running a pre-school and trying to keep everybody entertained. I know, bad analogy but it was the best that I could do.

Amarok & Familiar: Watch over my dogs, protect them, heal them if possible. I live in the high desert so we have all kinds of dangerous stuff crawling around that can take out a dog such as scorpions, rattlesnakes, mountain lions, etc. So it is comforting knowing that my spirits are watching over the dogs.

Ubi & Cambion: Make the bed.

No I'm not kidding. They don't actually make it of course. Not in the traditional mundane sense anyways. But they "cleanse" my sleeping area for me each day when I am gone. So when I lay down at night I feel at peace. And on occasion I can smell the scent of either of their favorite fragrances.. lavender or cinnamon.

Carbuncle: Show me the money!!!!

Every once in a while I will spend a little too liberally. So when I'm feeling a little pinched for cash, her task is to go squeeze blood from a stone, find change in the couch, you get the gist. And she always manages to squeak a few bucks out of no where so we don't go hungry. :)

Ubi #2: I have had zero contact with this ubi since she joined the family. My Cambion says she talks to her and for the most part she's following the rules, so I know she's hanging around. So I decided that if she's going to be around but doesn't want to interact then at the least she can make herself useful.

So I tasked her with my romantic affairs. If there is somebody I notice and find attractive or interesting.. her task is to advise me in whatever method she prefers. That's ranged from hair pulls to tripping me if its a bad idea.

Anyways.. this was a novel.. hope somebody benefits from it! :)

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Re: Tracking Tasking

Postby Selsee » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:20 pm

I would keep a written journal and only assign a few tasks at a time. Have a page specifically for open ended tasks and the rest label the date, task, and which spirit. Maybe get a multiple subject notebook and label each section. Depending on how many spirits you have, each section could be for a different one.

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Re: Tracking Tasking

Postby blezheng » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:16 pm

Regholdain wrote:
How do you keep track of what you've assigned what spirit, or the entire keep, or a group, including time frames and the like? I'm just looking for some suggestions because if I try to do this in a journal I won't be able to go back and figure it out. The journal will just be too long to sift through.

In my case I assign at least 1 spirit who will serve as the head/leader of the spirit family. I assigned 2 of my human spirits and 2 self conjured Dragons using the ebook Here Be Dragons by CH to be the leaders of my spirit family and to watch over them as well.

I put my spirits into different groups depending upon their strengths. The leaders in my spirit family give me updates about how they organized my spirit family (most especially my protection team) and also how they keep on establishing the house rules for my DA spirits and they always make sure that no one will disobey it.

It's great because so far none of my spirits forgot their task(s). They even always keep on informing me about what they've done for me, most especially if it concerns my protection.

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Re: Tracking Tasking

Postby Sooty » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:24 am

Usually I'll take time to know more about the spirits first, jot down in my notebook their strengths, what they're capable of and if they already volunteered to help me in certain areas.

Then I will go on to give them smaller, everyday task, such as keeping up the energy levels of everyone in the house. I've never given them any particularly large or complicated tasks though because I'm not working on any special projects.

Everyone in my keep is assigned a basic role based on their powers, such as protector, healer, helper, etc. Some spirits take on more than one role. This isn't really necessary but it gives me a clear head to decide (especially in times of emergency) what kind of tasks to allocate to who.

As to how I keep track of tasks, well since they are all simple ones that I can feel immediate results from, I'd say through observation and journaling. I use a note-taking app on my phone that allows me to add tags to every entry. It's pretty neat.

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