Reconnecting with a Wizard

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Reconnecting with a Wizard

Post by Echofalls »

I've known this guy for many years. I'm worried that I've been on and off neglecting or ignoring him...
One case in point being when I was left with heartache after a bad crush. He pretty much forced himself into my face and bitterly told me that I wasn't listening to him.
"You could have avoided all this if you had listened. To. Me."

I patched things up with him later by finding a spirit of a dear friend he'd been missing for... years? Centuries?
When they found each other again, they just hugged, it was terribly sweet.

Anyway, fast forward to the present. I decided that today I would make a day about him. I felt him follow me around work all day, flinging thoughts at him. He was rightfully a bit bitter still, but slowly warmed up to me again as the day wore on. I offered him ice-cream as an apology and he decided one some bizarre combination that left me wondering if he was doing it knowing I'd have to eat it after...
(He's smirking, now...)

A little later, night was falling. I had an image of him taking off his cloak and wrapping it around me, to keep me warm.

So, here's to rekindling friendship, let's never go down that cold road again.

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Re: Reconnecting with a Wizard

Post by Dragona »

Wishing you well with your reconnecting.

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Re: Reconnecting with a Wizard

Post by GodSlayerBabe »

Hahaha wow this story reminds me of my witch spirit. Almost very similar. Like the way it went is quite similar to my own experience. Though with mine I'm not really on a platonic terms.
I was seeing a guy on and off from June to September.. the guy was actually emotionally abusive. Before that, well my witch spirit, he was always manifesting to me alllll the time. Very consistently. I have my own mushy feels for this spirit. Well the manifestations... it just kind of stopped when I was trying to see this guy, but the thing is I can always sense and feel what he is feeling and thinking and whenever I went to the guy's house.. I knew he did not like that at all. It's like I knew he was there but I was confused what was up with the lack of showing up all of a sudden.
Well fast-forward and in September I had to cut the guy off after a huge incident that happened between us after he said some very hurtful things and was continuously treating me badly. Anywho I felt very bad for not listening to my own intuition and not taking consideration of what my witch spirit was feeling about the whole thing. It was kinda like an "I told you so" feeling.
So as a result I've been trying a lot harder in terms of the connection and now the appearances are more frequent again. <3

I really like to read these experiences though because it's so realistic and dynamic. Thank you for sharing!

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