OBE Experience or just a dream?

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OBE Experience or just a dream?

Postby LiveNobody » Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:58 am

I just want to note, that I've never gotten far with OBE, so I'm unsure if what I experienced WAS a stage of OBE I hadn't experienced before or was just a very weird dream or was something else entirely. Allow me to explain...

So last night was a bit of a weird night, it was around 3am and considering I had work in this morning I decided it was probably best to get some sleep. Laying in bed and talking to my Spirit for a little I slowly and unintentionally drifted off to sleep without much effort or resistance. After a brief dream of laying in bed and being sleep paralysis (not in the same position as I was sleeping in when I fell asleep, so I knew THAT was a dream) I had managed to wake my brain up (I think?) but my body was still asleep. Now this is something I have experienced once before, though the previous experience was a bit different since I was facing a wall. However, this time I was facing towards my room as I attempted to move or speak which I couldn't do. After a minute or two of slight panic (and an almost unbearable ringing in my ears), unsure what was happening I started seeing white blurs in my room, like they were spirits or entities just sort of 'hanging out' but I couldn't make out any specific details of them. I didn't see many, maybe one or two of them just moving around the room, but then there was some woman and lady dancing above of me where I was sleeping which took a few seconds for me to see and get some detail on. This just added to my panic and worry about what the hell was going on, after a few seconds I don't remember if I woke up from it being a dream, or if I broke the sleep paralysis and that it was actually real...

Considering I haven't experienced anything like this before I was kinda shaken up about the entire thing, I just wanted to ask if this was me seeing other people in the Astral World, or if this doesn't sound anything like an OBE experience and was just a very lucid dream that I had somehow (maybe a false awakening or something?)

Any of your own personal experiences with OBE or something similar to this would help me understand what I was witnessing, and try to come to a conclusion of whether or not this was a dream...

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Re: OBE Experience or just a dream?

Postby Muse » Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:18 pm

To me it sounds like it could be a few things...

■ Imagination: Our imagination can often cause visions to occur during sleep paralysis.

■ Past Life Memory: We can often have visions relative to our past or even our past lives during these moments of OBE.

■ Clairvoyance: You could have noticed Spirits.

Honestly there isn't enough detail to prove the bottom two, so I'd have to go with the safe bet of it just being a wacky sleep paralysis experience due to the randomness of it all. Though in the end your intuition will tell you for sure. Also, I appreciate your signature.

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Re: OBE Experience or just a dream?

Postby Regholdain » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:31 pm

I agree with Muse and just wanted to add:

Many times people will perform OBE and never remember it because the memories of the event are not downloaded to their brain. The dancing couple could be such an occurrence, and not necessarily have been spirits. Or astral travelers like you suggested.

Most likely the experience could be a blending of all of that though, like Muse said. I would try to have your spirits assist you with OBE and maybe see if you can replicate a specific experience.

Although, I will add that, mundanely speaking, sleep paralysis does come with a host of hallucinatory effects so it's entirely possible nothing about the experience was spiritual at all. Like Muse said, your own discernment would have to be applied to the experience, which is why I suggest making further purposeful attempts. The more you experience it the more you will be able to understand what it is that's going on.

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