Could a dragon and human be a lover?

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Re: Could a dragon and human be a lover?

Postby TrueGalacticPrince » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:41 am

Eizarei wrote:Well,... err.. I know this might be a fantasy or daydreaming question.

Just want to know others opinion about it.
I don't know if there's someone ask about this before yet. I troed to search but I don't find it.

Since I know some dragons who can take a human form and some cannot. And I just wondering if the relationship can be a romatic or not.

Or anybody here got a dragon as your lover? I'd like to hear the story too. <3

For me I got 1 Ice Dragon and baby crystal dragon, baby midnight dragon and baby divine dragon is on the way coming. And some that uncound to me, they just pay me a visit, stay with e for awhile then leave and will come to me again when s/he has some free time.

Almost of spirits or living entities who stay with me act as a older brother and older sister role. SO I just know only this kind of relationship toward them :p) ( I don't offend someone who in love with spirit or living entity, I think love is only for two people and others have no right to judge them. I also go friends who in love with living entities too.)

Back to the question, how do you think about it. is it possible or not? Or if you have story to share, I'd love to read it. :8)

Thank you.

ps. I'm sorry if I made some error grammar or broken structure here. I'n not native English speaker.Just hope that it won't confused you. :;/

Okay, so I just recently came in to having a Ivory Dragon in my keep so I don't have much exp with dragons but I do have some advice on romancing something not human.
As a Panromantic I think you can totally have a relationship with a dragon. If you can communicate with each other, if you both understand what type of relationship you wish to be in, and you're both consenting adults I don't see why you couldn't have a romantic relationship with a dragon. Also having a romantic relationship with a spirit in general is very different than having a relationship with a physical person. The relationship is very much more on a spiritual/emotional level and not just tied to the physical. Living beings are biologically programed to think romance=sex when in fact they can be two separate things. I've slowly built a romantic relationship with my Nixie and that was after a awkward dream I had with him and my Masheba then waking up to have a serious talk with him about what the dream ment.
We enjoy each other's company, we emotional care for one another, I can feel his diabetically sweet affections overflowing from time to time. Even more so after we agreed to be in a romantic relationship.
Sorry for the long winded lecture, my point being if you feel like you're Dragon has romantic feelings for you and you have the same feelings for it than I'd say go for it. Dragons are intelligent beings who can make they're own decisions. I don't really think of them as animals or pets because they are way more intelligent than a cat or a dog.

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