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The Enchanted Emporium

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Name of Shop: The Enchanted Emporium

Owners: Silver Fang Fay

Shop website:

Social media: Facebook:

CH Forum/Community/Social Media Usernames: SilverFangFay

Length of time in business: Since 2017

Length of time practicing/learning: I was born into the lifestyle and started really getting into my studies when I was about 18-19 years old.

Credentials/referrals/reviews: I am proficient in these areas of magick:
Spell-Weaver (WA-BA), Conjurer (WA-BA), Divination, Herbalist, Crystal Magick, Charms, Enchantments, Wards, Shields, Barriers, Hexes/Curses, Uncrossing, Hex/Curse-Breaking, Banishing, Vodou, Hoodoo, Native American Magick, Celtic Magick, Elemental Magick, Potions, Powders, Music Magick, Blood Magick, Sigil Magick

There are several reviews on my site already.

When did you begin conjuring?
I began conjuring late December 2016 and in fact, the very first being I conjured on my own was a Vampiric Blood Elf. I learned to conjure through trial and error with the help of several of my friends who walked with me through my journey, both physical people and entities/spirits.

Vetting Time?
I usually vet a being for at least one month after they have been conjured to make sure they are safe for a human keeper. This is for any and all beings that come through regardless of art type.
If a being is deemed unsafe or harmful for any reason, they are sent back to where they came from and I perform another conjure for the customer free of charge.

How long have you been conjuring on a regular basis?
I conjure nearly every day as it is both a way of life for me as well as for my customers. I enjoy working with beings, seeking out those that need/want help and lending a helping hand to let them know that there are some decent humans in the world to work with.

How long have you been conjuring this species/type of entity?
I have conjured most of the beings in my shop for at least a year if not longer. The Vampire Ribbons are actually one of the first races I found when I first started conjuring so they are the ones I’ve been conjuring longest.

How do you connect with the entities/spirits that you conjure?
I spend time getting to know them via astral projection. I am also able to hear telepathically and receive mental images so I am able to work with them during my waking hours as well. I treat every being as if they were one of my own companions, rather they have been conjured for a customer or not, they all get the same love and care. For the most part I spend at least 30 minutes to an hour every day with each conjured being to get to know them better. There are some times when I have a large order list that I can’t get to everyone in one day and have to rotate or shorten the time I spend with each conjured being, but I try my best to make sure to check on everyone every single day. There are also times when I will visit a being’s home with them and spend time getting to know how they live there as well as meet others of their kind and learn about their history.

How do you verify the identity and nature of the beings you have conjured?
I like to sit with each being and kind of interview them in a way once they’ve been conjured. This is usually done while in a deep meditative state or while in the astral plane. Along with spending time with each being, I am able to get a good sense of a being’s general nature. I am also able to generally tell when a being is lying to me due to my telepathy. If a being attempts to lie to me I get a pinging sound like a bell or chime.

Are you able to see and communicate with those you conjure?
Of course. I get mental images that work similar to a camera, constantly taking pictures and updating the image. I also have fairly good telepathy that I communicate with. I use both of these abilities to communicate with beings on a daily basis, not only with my own companions but also with the ones that I conjure.

In your mind, what’s the difference between an entity and a spirit?
An Entity is a being that is living on the Astral Plane.
A Spirit is a being that has passed on and exists in the Spiritual Realm.

In your mind, what’s the difference between an attachment and a binding?
An attachment can be something that’s mental and/or emotional. It can be directed to people, places, things, and/or animals. Most of the time an attachment occurs when someone has unfinished business or feels an extreme emotion for a certain object or place. Most often, attachments happen by accident, however; they can occur on purpose also.
A binding is something that is normally done on purpose. It is a tether that bridges two things/people/beings together. A binding is what brings a keeper and a companion together, likewise; it is also what brings a person and an enchantment/charm together.

What kind of contract is used to ensure the buyer’s safety?
When I conjure a being I ask them to go over a list of rules with me that will be implemented in their binding once they have passed all vetting protocols. More specifically the safety rules include causing no harm to their keeper, any of the other beings their keeper has, anyone their keeper deems as safe, and any animals. It does state in my Binding Contract that a being is allowed to protect themselves if they are under attack so long as it brings no harm to their keeper or any of the other beings in the keep.

What are your binding contract specifics?
1. No harm to keeper, others in keep, human family/friends, or pets
2. Follow any other House Rules your keeper gives you.
3. No sexual conduct unless given permission by keeper.
4. No revenge may be carried out unless given verbal permission by keeper.
5. Protect keeper whenever possible, if you are unable to, please alert other beings in the keep who can.
6. Ward off and dispel any malicious beings or magik that targets your keeper.
7. Beings that feed on blood or energy must ask permission first.
8. If you have any issues with any other being in the keep, bring it to your keeper’s attention first. Do NOT quarrel with other members of the keep or cause unnecessary problems.
9. Do not mess with any vital electronics your keeper needs or uses.
10. Do not let your emotions hinder your keeper in any negative way. You may alert them to emergencies via emotions, just don’t overwhelm them.
11. Upon your keeper’s death, your binding will dissolve unless you choose to remain with your keeper in their next life or within your keeper’s family.

Under what circumstances will a being be released from it’s binding?
If a being feels as though they are being neglected, misused, mistreated, abused or their keeper is being hateful or harmful toward them in any way I have an Escape Clause that is built into each and every binding that allows a being to leave of their own will. However, the Escape Clause will only ever appear to a being if they feel severe depression, anxiety or fear caused by their keeper.

What problems have you had in the past with your conjures and how was the problem handled?
If anyone has an issue with any being that I conjure, they are more than free to tell me and I will re-conjure for them at no additional cost to them.
In the past I have only had three people who were not satisfied with the being that was conjured for them. One person decided to have the being unbound and did not want another conjure. another decided that they wanted a different being instead of the one that came forward for them. The third never made any attempt at contacting me to let me know so I was unable to resolve their issue.

How do you resolve problems with conjures after an adoption if something goes wrong?
If there is anything that goes wrong with either a being I have conjured or with on the keeper’s side, all they need to do is contact me and I will do everything in my power to resolve their problem. This includes finding a new home for a being if the keeper decides to have them unbound as well as re-conjuring for the keeper if they so wish it.

What kind of buyer support do you offer after the sale?
I am always here for my customers no matter what they need. All they need to do is let me know they need something and I will do all I can to ensure they are comfortable with everything.

What is your refund policy?
I sadly don’t offer refunds. I do however, offer store credit if someone wants to have a being unbound from them that they feel uncomfortable with.

Do you allow Spirits/Entities conjured by you to be resold/transferred?
Yes and no.
If a being is comfortable with going to another person after they have been bound by me then they are more than welcome to be transferred or resold.
However, I do have a special barrier on my bindings that prevents anyone from selling, transferring or tampering with my bindings after I have finished them. If someone were to try to resale a being I’ve bound to them or to a vessel for them and the being in question was not okay with it then their binding would dissolve and they will be forced back to their home world for their safety. This keeps a being from going to someone that they don’t feel comfortable with as well as keeping others from simply reselling my bindings as their own.

How do you determine if a Spirit/Entity is suitable for a keeper at their level of experience?
When I conjure I use a very small sample of the customer’s energy to conjure with as a way to find matches for them in the astral. By doing this, it ensures that a being will come forward that matches a customer’s energy and experience.
I also usually suggest to new keepers that they should probably start with White Arts, Grey Arts, and Neutral Arts before diving into darker beings.

Here is the link to my shop site <3

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