Propaganda vs. What actually makes sense

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Propaganda vs. What actually makes sense

Postby Vipera aspis atra » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:30 pm

Contrary to some belief, there is a logic to magic and the supernatural. The reason we can fail to understand what is happening or what is possible, and often it seems we have to judge only by feeling is because of how many details are unknown to us. We are limited by our experiences.

Some, self-proclaimed authorities will come out of the woodwork now and again to claim 'this or that is the truth'. If you ask them to explain what sourced their awareness, they may say it was 'what resonated', or get annoyed that you dared to ask in the first place.
Resonance is important as a reinforcement to facts, it is a complement. There is going to be a point we trust our gut or go with our intuition, and this exposes the facts for us. Once we have the facts, we can use those facts.
If you're not dealing in facts at all, haven't taken the time to verify them properly, then you're not going to be able to support any further 'resonances' you have.

If a resource puts forward an idea, a 'what if', a theory, fueled by the unknown, then it will remain forever a theory. For a resource to invest in that and spread it as truth is a manipulation of reality, it's propaganda.

If a resource dissects what they are putting forward, you have a way to cut through the unknown and legitimize claims. If one is confident in a belief, they should be able to explain why it makes sense and not simply believe because someone else told them. If someone else told them, what did that someone else do to legitimize what was being told? This can get pretty far down the rabbit hole,
especially with religious doctrine because there you have a mass of parables up for interpretation.
Yet to think we must accept that the significance of a concept will always, ultimately be up to interpretation, or based on 'resonance', is not how magic works. It may be what faith is about, it may be what psychobabble pseudo-spirituality is about, but the integrity of metaphysics is only as lacking as we allow it to be by not being willing to ask questions and sometimes all-too-readily accepting what those with greater or more widespread standing than us have to say, rather than to allow our own experiences to connect the dots.

I appreciate when others are able to break down why/how things work for them and so what fuels their beliefs, I can value a perspective that I understand the mechanics of. I can value an idea as being an intriguing idea, but it is only an idea unless it can be practically applied.
Yes, there are factors and circumstances that allow an application to work well for some people, and not others, but there is also an explanation for that. It isn't an 'idk, maybe it just didn't resonate' answer. Resonance can be part, but it is a *symptom* of the true problem. 'Maybe I just do not resonate with this' should then be followed with an assessment of why. Resonance is about harmonization, about factors aligning. There is a science to every single aspect of the metaphysical
and it's far too often being overlooked.

If you adhere to a particular belief system, or practice, it should be because it works. It should be the case that it actually does something for you. If it isn't doing something for you, then you may not understand it. If you don't understand it, then why are you adhering to it? Don't just do something because some resource said to, do it based on it making sense. Don't stick to something simply because you heard-tell that it was right, when it clearly isn't working out --don't pretend, should you feel you have to settle for that.

It's like cooking. You're not going to mix parsley and garlic together for your roast chicken *just* because it feels right, there are a bunch of little reactions firing off in your brain that rapidly lead to that decision even if it manifests as a feeling.
If you're confident in doing it, it is because there is a logic. The logic is in the flavour profile you're aware that combo makes with chicken, and how it genuinely complements the chicken.
Whether you realize it consciously or not, you know this from previous exposure and your sensory memory can recall previous instances where it applied. This instructs why you'd do it again.

You can't just throw a dozen eggs into a cake and not anticipate it to be dense.

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Re: Propaganda vs. What actually makes sense

Postby Muse » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:39 pm

This is something I'd like to hope all people read at least once. Maybe twice.

Personally speaking, I don't believe in an absolute truth or fact of a matter. The universe is chaotic and unknowable, as are most things within it save for whatever primitive sciences we've managed to develop over the years for some inkling of understanding. Even then, we only understand the physical matter portions. Spirituality is an entirely different area of exploration that very few dare to traverse, and fewer experience the same things.

To make idle claims and attempt to force them upon others as fact is not only damaging to oneself as a scientist (as we are all "scientists" in some aspect) but also dangerous to any who would wish to question or apply your theories.

This is also why in whatever blog post I write, or any amount of advice I give, I'll normally either cite sources, provide personal explanation, or state that it's opinion. This not only allows for growth should I be wrong, but also ensures that others will still be able to explore their own truth without feeling boxed in by someone else's.

The path isn't about getting concrete answers, but exploring the self, and how incredibly connected we are to such a chaotic and beautiful universe (however one defines that).

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Re: Propaganda vs. What actually makes sense

Postby Lewk » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:38 am

I very much like the approach set out in the OP here. I found myself thinking that's how I think too.

As a former Guru follower, I have experienced moving from the state of not knowing what's going on and just taking others' word for it (many or most of whom didn't know either) on to the state of critically examining every facet of my beliefs and practices.

This has also allowed me to get beyond the spiritual doubting phase and base my conceptual framework about magic, spirits etc on a sound basis...which would probably survive any attempt at Deprogramming. I've thought it all through logically and worked out how it all relates to Science, 'normal' life and so on.

Yes, I really like that post.

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