Simple Psy Ball (ENergy Manipulation Technique)

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Re: Simple Psy Ball (ENergy Manipulation Technique)

Post by blezheng »

I'll try this, thanks :)

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Re: Simple Psy Ball (ENergy Manipulation Technique)

Post by Lewk »

Aryan wrote:
DualWanderer3 wrote:Does the energy have to come from you.I've tryed making pay balls before and felt the energy in my hands but I then do at time see the ambient energy just start swerling around and go into the area between my hands like it's being absorbed into that area.

Like it's automatically taking energy from the environment mostly and not from me.Yet if feels more like the ball forms more from the fact the energy coming from my hands is being blocked by the other hands energy if not the hand itself and at time when I take one hand away the energy is still there but if it dosn't stay a ball it just make like a tornado that goes up.

And I found it's not hard to make the tornado with one hand or the other though it feels like when my hands are facing each other and they start getting resistins is when it starts forming a ball instead of just making one.Is this because it's not my energy im using but the energy around me or another sorse like music.

Blessed be
the energy used to create energy balls comes from within your body unless your body is attuned and linked to the universe for the unlimited energy supply. you can provide these energy balls to anyone you wish too, there are many practices that teach you how to deal with energies, one of them is reiki which i practice.
good luck :)
As I understand it, the basic technique in the OP does in fact raise sufficient 'excess' energy (for want of a better word) for the method to work.

It wouldn't be a case of draining yourself of the essential energy that you need within your own body.

I think using ambient energy might be a later stage, if/when a person is clear on how to do the basic technique and is able to ensure the ambient energy is clean and/or suitable. It might be preferable when someone is proficient with the basic technique to move on first to incorporating other energies that you're confident in knowing how to access in a pure form (ie minus negative / adulterated energies).

I have to say that I haven't gone very far with this kind of work but I think what I say above is correct.

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