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If you have any information your customers need to know like shipping updates, website changes, eBay notifications, etc. then this is the right area to let everyone know!
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Update on operations

Postby Vipera aspis atra » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:00 am

Friends of Jackalope Gallery,

Please know that I have been doing my best to ensure all shipments are out in as practical a timeframe as possible.
There have been delays due to inconsistent hours of post office service, limitations where it comes to safety in leaving my home for local travel, receiving materials for certain work later than anticipated, and my time simply required on an emergency basis to do what I can to help out loved ones and neighbors in need (I am sure we are all doing what we can, where we can to lessen the blow of this crisis right now.)

So far, those awaiting parcels from me are in areas where there are no shipping restrictions, but there may be shipping *disruptions* anywhere/everywhere as the world becomes more vigilant by the day.
This means that no matter when I have sent out your parcel, you could experience a longer wait period before it actually is transported and gets to you.

I am continuing to ship recently purchased physical items out, but you will notice I'm not offering new artifacts for the time being. I'll still be releasing all books on schedule, and if you purchase a print copy you are going to be receiving its digital copy the moment of release to keep you covered in the case that print shipments are delayed.

During these restrictions, I have opted to offer more distance services (as I used to do). I have got to keep busy, and I had a lot in the works which will now have to be set back in schedule, meaning an open time to present the rare direct ritual bindings and spellwork that I had otherwise retired from offering to the public. There will be limitations, of course, but it is going to be a unique opportunity under these circumstances.

Let us continue to support each other and be mindful at this time. Thanks for reading~


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