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As someone who has both received and performed readings of varying ultimate accuracy, and as a student of fate as well as destiny, there are concrete truths I have learned about the realm of psychic reading which are vital to appreciating and getting more out of such a service - whether the source of information comes from a reader's innate skill, method of divination, or mediumship.

What a reader/diviner relays can differ from the individual angle they are perceiving from.
You may get multiple reads with (seemingly) different info from different practitioners that can all end up applying, or with some that would have applied if a different path were taken - but become obsolete the minute you make certain choices.
You may get different versions or depictions of the same event or message, because different skills are involved between readers. Not all depictions will fit with how you view the world or make sense of it, so do not expect that going in! A psychic reading should expand your mind and awareness even if it is instantly validating.

How destiny paths impact things is a very important subject that you must have some grasp of if you're one who values or wants to value psychic readings.
We can have multiple destiny paths available to us at any given time, more or less depending on the choices we make. Any of these potentials can be picked up on by a psychic/diviner.
If you go into a reading set on a series of events in your life or with very particular plans in mind - this applies even to plans which seem irrelevant in the expanse of things - that could be the destiny path or energetic surround that a practitioner reads from. The information you receive from them should logically be understood to apply to that path or major choices on that current path that are foreseen.

If you leave the reading or after you receive it end up making different plans than what you had gone in with, again - even minute, there is a chance you could shift in that very moment to a new destiny path or find yourself weaving in and out between paths - and due to that, the reading just granted may no longer align or align in all ways suggested.
That depends on the method and style of the reader. It is just as possible that the reader looks into a path to come, bestows information to you that is based on changes you're about to make.. which is the kind of thing, if you are not fully in tune with your intuition, that can create a feeling you do not resonate as the reading is being performed or when you first receive it. It cannot resonate until you're on the path it speaks of, and are open to accepting how the insight applies.

If at the time of opting into a reading, you're planning to go out for sushi that night for dinner, but walk out of the reading persuaded otherwise - maybe with a sudden craving for tacos, and a few weeks from now realize sushi and taco have dominated your life so pizza becomes the new trend.. you should expect there is a potential for the initial reading to be caught in the mix of all that.
The reader could have been reading on your sushi-path, your taco-path, or eventual pizza-path. Maybe the taco was a detour from pizza. Maybe you return to sushi and everything suddenly makes sense. The thing is that a reading can be accurate now, it can be accurate later, it can be accurate in a moment and then cause you to act differently.
A great reader will always provide information that aligns with a stage of your journey, mentality, decision or full path but it can come in and out of relevance and you shouldn't try to force it to one circumstance or another.
Much that you do not see is as important as what you do see. You will not always be overtly granted the full picture, right away or possibly ever, if you deviate entirely from a path.

These variables that mean a psychic reading can be accurate while not applying or resonating in the way you expect, are why you shouldn't constantly rely on readings to dictate what to believe or what to do with yourself. Do not observe psychic readings as an instruction manual. Keep them near you for guidance when events begin to correlate or suggest they will correlate with some of the aspects involved.

A reading should be something you gravitate toward based on fate (as in the circumstance shoves this in your lap), or based on a true calling. It's not much different than how you adhere to a calling to spirits or deities. If you're supposed
to hear something or receive something, you will be nudged undeniably. You trust your gut instinct and you are always going to be given something important, you will know what you receive is important whether or not it seems to immediately apply to your mindset or life circumstance.
You will be fuzzier on whether getting a reading was worth it or will amount to much in terms of guidance if you are not legitimately led to it in the first place! So please do not obsess with readings or make them a constant in your life, they are not intended to be; they should be taken as sacred.

* * *

All of the above is not to dismiss the case of fraud psychics or an inexperienced reader giving you something that doesn't or won't add up in any case. However, that kind of thing should not be conflated with the work of those who are genuine and are proven in their art, when the real culprit is often a lack of fundamental knowledge in how things work or unwillingness to accept how things work. Even someone with decent intuition can provide you valuable insight, someone who isn't even trying to read for you may channel something important, but you will not be able to receive it - you will miss out - if you are bound by expectation.

Destiny is not a rigid course and the beauty of it is that you have that freedom of possibility. Readings about you and your abilities, personal power or potential should be accepted with an open heart as they can be applicable no matter the path you're on or end up choosing.
If there's nothing else you feel you can take from a reading or cosmic suggestion (such as repetition of messages, signs), you can take of it what it elicits from you upon digesting the information.. you can consider why you react the way you do to certain prompts, why you feel the way you do about the information you are given, at depth, rather than on the mundane surface of what you've surrounded yourself with or what you've been conditioned to expect of self and life. All divination and metaphysical input, ultimately appeals to the unconscious and is helpful in you figuring things out for yourself. It is useful passively and actively.

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
—Oscar Wilde
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I do agree with the destiny path.

I think that's why as a reader, I have heard others including my teachers telling me to stick to my reading even though clients may complain that the reading may not resonate with them. Perhaps, the destiny part is something hard for people to digest sometimes.

Nevertheless, appreciate this piece of writing.

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Nice write-up, thank you

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Thank you for this. It all rings true with me. And the reminder that there are multiple destiny paths is timely = so many to choose from...how to know which to pick / aim for?

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Thank you for this. It was enlightening to say the list. I agree on evey point and very wise discussion and points you made.

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