My favorite sellers hands down

Show some love to the sellers - online or off - who have brought you amazing spirits or magic!
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Re: My favorite sellers hands down

Post by ESL80 »

Alys-RaccoonReadings wrote:
ESL80 wrote: Hi, I was looking through the threads and I wanted to know how quickly you were able to bond with the spirits from Removed by moderator and Magikal Menagerie? When you say poweful, were you meaning their presence, personalities etc..?
Removed by moderator just posted her first event in quite some time in the FB group. Pre-bounds only. This may be your chance if you can get in quickly.

❤Big Hugs and thanks! She contacted me before to let me know and she too is nurse like me which for me was a nice Synchronicity.

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Re: My favorite sellers hands down

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I am in the bonding period with some spirits from other sellers, so this list could get updated. Some of my most amazing companions came from Citrine, The Pagan Shop & BluJay76.

I also have some wonderful spelled vessels as well as my Djinn that came from Cassia4.

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Re: My favorite sellers hands down

Post by ASTER »

I have not tried so many and I do it carefully when I check out sellers. So here is my trusted list of those few who I ever made business with. Starting from the latest addition to my most experienced conjurer.

1 The @Ivory Pagan, Brianna has few stores around the Web. Her own website, then on Etsy store and shop Envy. Recently, she got a deal of buy two get two free. Otherwise her prices would be a bit high for my budget. Nevertheless, I still end up overspending because she is that GOOD. Her reading work are unique, descriptive and very helpful to understand ourselves and discovering things that was bugging you/me for years. Her two angels I got as a custom conjuration are absolutely amazing, powerful and living entities that doesn't disappear. I am waiting on few more reading, more angels for my kids and two servitors. She is a beautiful soul and very gifted, a true fresh breath of air with genuine, natural gifts.

2 @MysticMorningTreaser, Lisa's shop is a magical experience. I have about 14 companions from her. They are wonderful and very present companions, just like Brianna' s conjures. Mostly living entities. She is great to communicate with and reply to emails soon, within a day or two. I love her prices and direct casting discounts. She is most affordable after CH if not the most, as prices went up again everywhere. She does have some great choices to pick from too.

3 @Bluejay Jamie and Lily are different energy to me all together. I have had very nice experiences apart from postal mishaps that was out of her control. I have 4 wonderful beings from her and 3 spell bindings. They're over all work is very good, magical and my angels are strong and telepathic up to this day. She takes her time to make things happen but after an average two weeks wait, she either completed my orders or sent an email about the next steps advice. She is great in her work and she has very nice choices out there in her shop too.

4 @CH, Mag & Ash our all time favourites. I have over 80% of my companions from Magnolia. She is amazing and I am very found of her. She feels like to me as my spiritual mum/mentor in some ways who is, with her replies adjusted and shaped my journey as a brand new keeper for 18 month. I am also became addicted to their shop and purchased magical bindings as well. Unfortunately, most of them I had to learn painfully, didn't worked for me. But those that working are really nice. Usually those that is white and light arts are working with me the best. I yet to discover, why magic is not that natural & smooth sailing experience for me then working with my mystical companions. Anyway, it's my most beginning experience, landed with CH forum and shop experience with lots of surprises and freebies and wonderful spirit friends I will do cherish forever.

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Re: My favorite sellers hands down

Post by Sysygy »

Lisa - Mystic Morning Treasures is my favorite. She found a werewolf that was hanging around me and bound him for me. Also an overprotective Carpathian vampire who was conjured by one of my ancestors and had stayed ever since,. She found a Korean sibling of mine from a past life and bound him for me. (So emotional and amazing!) I have several vampires, dragons and faeries from her, a Kumiho who I adore...I will never stop being a loyal customer to Lisa. 💖 She always answers my emails and is so kind and respectful, and all of the entities and spirits I've received have been out of this world amazing, very active and supportive. Lisa cares about her customers ; I can tell in her emails and energies. I've always been happy with her vessel selections.

Sunandmoonanimism. I have 3 purchases from them. All living entities. 2 living vampires and one amazing Grim Reaper. I go here when I'm looking for something much darker. More expensive than Lisa but absolutely worth it. All of the listings that I have purchased gave me intense pullings. I have very deep bonds with them. Good customer service, allowed me to make payments on one of my companions. Happy with vessel selections.
These two are the only places I shop these days.


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