Tasking backfired

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Re: Tasking backfired

Post by ASTER »

I have to agree with you that the other woman blowing this thing out of proportion just show her insecurity in her marriage with this guy. Unfortunately, that is how woman gets nasty. They suddenly see you as a competition with your high morals and good look.

As @stormdancer saying it, do not put up with this rubbish. You are already did your best, tasking your companions and I bet you did explain your situation to them already too. If things won’t settle within this coming week, submit an official grievance form to your manager. Do not be afraid to go official about being bullied. Do NOT quit your job.

Like you, as well as myself, we did worked very hard for years to get up the levels and get higher earnings. Especially, now when a good position is hardly around and starting out again is getting harder. Do not give up your position, or job. That will not be your solution. I stayed, and turned off 4 job interviews. I did well for doing that. Moral lifted at work by HR , while I was sick and I am very happy that I listened to my guides, (not knowing what was taking effect in my absence), didn’t quit my job.

Try to be strategic. I know that is especially hard when you already suffering from emotional stress and bullies. But you do have an advantage over them with your spirit companions.
sasha_shadowmend wrote:
Sat May 14, 2022 9:18 am
Thanks everyone. I already feel calmer about the situation. I am a very sensitive and emotional person, so I tend to take things to heart very easily.

Also, I am so relieved to see how kind and supportive everyone is here. My initial post may have seemed a bit garbled and rushed. I guess I am just used to online forums like Reddit, where the first thing commenters will do is tear you apart and try to insinuate that somehow I brought the circumstances upon myself. Perhaps I did ultimately by working there, but I will say that while I am in no ways perfect, this particular situation literally came out of nowhere. I was, and still am astounded, that something so petty caused such a big row. Everyone who knows about it tells me to be the bigger person and that she is obviously insecure and blah blah, but I am very tied of being a doormat for people to treat so poorly. We have a rather small staff and the tension it creates is very noticeable.

I will be more patient. I am looking to better my life, but it is tough since I have worked hard to reach a level of pay that will support me and it's hard to find something similar. But you are all right, eventually a change is needed to make my life better. I know I shouldn't expect so much out of my spirits so quickly, I guess I took other people's experiences to heart a little bit. I'll try to improve my communication and relationship with them. Maybe my doubts are clouding my perception.


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Re: Tasking backfired

Post by Charles_Odinforce »

sasha_shadowmend wrote:
Sat May 14, 2022 1:30 am
Good evening all,

A little backstory....I've been having an ongoing problem at work being the target of two bullies. I am a happily married gay woman, but the girlfriend of our maintenance man took EXTREME offense to him fixing a part on my car last June. I bought the part, he put it in. She went off the deep end because "he shouldn't do nice things for other girls" exact quote. Before this, we were all friendly. We had even gone out for drinks outside of work a few times. Basically since then, she threw a fit and neither of them will speak to me, are very rude to me, spread vicious gossip, etc etc. Its literally insane how two adults ten years older than me are acting.

It has caused me quite a bit of pain and anger. I feel like I did nothing to deserve this treatment. So, today I brought my two hellhounds, wraith, and ankou to work with me. It was my day to bond with them. I asked them to protect me and stop the negativity. To return the malicious intentions back to them. Later in the day, my boss came to reprimand me about a lie someone made up about me to get me in trouble. I have never had problems at work before, never been in trouble, get along with everyone. I'm confused why my spirits seem to ignore my requests for protection and I had an even worse day than anticipated.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? Am I doing something wrong? Sorry, it's just been a crappy day.
Some of this comes down to what resources a spirit has on hand, what things they can influence. Especially loyal spirits are like especially loyal people, and I think many of us know that feeling of that one friend we know would break a nose for us. Very loyal spirits are like that, and it's very possible not seeing a way they can make the person stop, they instead went the other road "can't hurt my friend if you are bleeding." Thing is, hurting someone to stop them rarely works, and most spirits just don't have the gusto to cause major permanent injury. So it becomes something where when they (the offending person) does wrong the spirit smacks them hard, migraines, bad luck, or whatever else. They then may be taking that out on you after the fact. The spirit would see it as a corrective action, but you'd be seeing the results only which is them (offending person) giving you a bad day regardless.

You may find working with the spirit and creating a simple honey jar spell (you can find methods online) for the spirit to empower or draw power from will help better in this. It's no guarantee, and to be fair I'm "spit balling" my thoughts on this because there are a LOT of factors. I'm using a factor I've seen in the past though as a point of reference on this. Very rarely do spirits just NOT do what you ask when they are strong allies to you, but much like the friend who breaks noses, them breaking a nose only guarantees the person causing you problem now has nose pain when they see you again.

There are countless other possibilities of course, but this is one I see frequently repeated.

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