Chant to Entreat the Rain

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Here's a short little chant something or other told me on my walk today!

The chant is intended to entreat the rain in one way or another, not command it, that that works it, does not necessarily "obey" the chant, they may in fact do the opposite, to spite you or to right you, as I have learned. It also seems to factor in the intention of the user and the effect it would have on everyone who would be caught in the weather, but it is at least a way to ask nicely.

Winds, natural and unnatural, break.
Rain, tepid and torrential, break.
Clouds, dry and thunderous, break.

"Break" also seems to be replaceable with "Clear" for the opposite effect. My guesses are there are other words that bring further functionality to the chant.

And may the sky rain down upon us with absolute knowledge and eternal understanding.

The above part is an example of how to end it, which you don't necessarily have to use, "upon us" is to recognize the other people, animals and such that would be affected, and the next part you can change to ask the sky for what you want (of an esoteric nature).

You can do whatever you want with this chant! Use it, alter it, change it up on the fly! I'd love to know if it works to any degree!

Clear Rain and Good Skies!
-Marian Rayne

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