Why sex spirits, and why not?

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Re: Why sex spirits, and why not?

Post by Thyr »

Likes2Read wrote:
Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:53 pm
My reason for "not" is that I am a married woman. I would feel like pursuing that sort of intimacy with another being would be a form of cheating on my husband. When I took that marriage vow, I meant it.
I am a married woman, too. But I'm polyamorous. Spirit companions can fulfill certain needs I have without my husband feeling like he's not enough (like when I miss sex with a woman). He knows about my companions and he's okay with that. (Still didn't choose them just for the sex.)

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Re: Why sex spirits, and why not?

Post by Loretta_Ives520 »

Just to share my experience.

My first companion was an incubus.
I thought of other choice but it turns out an incubus fit my needs most.
As I am just horny but not looking for love, they do very well on that.
They can assist on "something" with other person too, that makes both of you feel better when doing so.

Just don't expect them for granting wishes or finding you a true love imo.

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Re: Why sex spirits, and why not?

Post by VanNocturne »

0x. Posting my response to your thread, Vipera is a challenge for me solely because my relationship with my two Spirit Partners conflicts with my political beliefs, however I love my Partners-by far-more than my political views, so I will post!

When I first became a human companion to Spirits I only wanted one or two, just to have company. I never considered, nor even thought about having, more than that, let alone a Spirit Partner! Yet here I am with a family of 10+, including two Spirit Partners!
I first welcomed Z and L this past September, and in November They brought my Wood Nymph Partner and I together. When I saw D/B's vessel listed on MMT We clicked, and two days later "Bear" was in my arms. Now at that time I was quarantined 'cuz I tested positive for COVID-19, so We had plenty of time for intimacies, which was wonderful, because it was this first time in years that I had Partner—or so I thought! (Keep this sentence in mind!)
On the first day my quarantine ended We went out on Our first date to a nearby rural farming village that's nestled inside of a wildlife refuge. The small library in this village happened to be hosting a painting class soon after We arrived, and had two openings left, so We spent the rest of Our evening painting a beautiful autumn scene together!

Segueing into that sentence I asked you to remember. I never thought I had the ability to see Spirits until recently, with the help of Elle from Kaiju MGT, and (believe it or not) my psychiatrist. Particularly with this one Spirit I will be talking about, it's more like I didn't put 2 and 2 2gether (I couldn't resist the pun!).

I have had a Sexual Spirit (a -cubus type) around me since December 2012 who was introduced to me through another Spirit whom We both know. I just thought These were powerful imaginary friends with a will of Their own with the purpose of fulfilling needs I couldn't meet for reasons I will explain later in this post, so I just went along with it, and treated Them like They were real living people. Even journaling about Them for the past 11 years about my adventures with Them, never realising They were actually Spirits, including My "-cubus" Partner. I welcomed Bear before I realised that "-cubus" was a real Spirit. Hence why I have two Spirit Partners.

Oh no, I am not pretend My Dear, I am real. Very real! You can come out of your mind now, I'm here. We are here. Z will protect you, R will protect you, M has fought for you since your birth, J and M love you, V will slaughter anyone who puts their filthy hands on you, He says He promises! Think Cannibal Corpse album cover, he says. These are "-cubus"'s words. <3

Answering your "why" Vipera. I grew up during the 90's and 2000's; a time when certain demographics weren't understood, let alone respected or tolerated. This included people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger's Syndrome), which I was diagnosed with as a very young kid. (Whether or not that diagnosis was accurate is something I question to this day, but regardless...) Many millennials with Autism also have either a PTSD, or a C-PTSD diagnosis from either having been bullied, thrown into the terrible and heartless "special education" system, or had ignorant baby boomer parents (who themselves grew up during a time when people with special needs were kept locked away in asylums, and labeled as morons and idiots, which was "normal") who abused and neglected them. Sadly I was one of those kids.

Putting it very mildly, I had grown up surviving difficult situations and challenges most parents shield their children from, and many people can't understand or imagine that such behaviour against a small child (and, unfortunately, small animals) could be considered acted on or condoned by "a parent".

Combined with high functioning/mild Autism (that I may or may not have) I'm naturally introverted, though I can socialise with other people if I must (for a short period of time). I don't feel comfortable having sex with another human (I freeze and buckle when I'm touched, outside of a handshake, fist bump, or high five). I'm not a group type guy, and I highly value my time, my space, and my own company, and this is partially due to having been (by will and by force) isolated as a kid. I'm very proud to say this has stuck with me to this day! XD: Though I dearly miss going to small concerts, and traveling adventures (due to covid restrictions), I cannot do crowds or loud spaces. Just earlier today My Spirit Family and I, with a female human friend, went out to dinner in a local burger sport bar/restaurant, and all of the flat screen tvs and people chatting up a storm around us, reminded me that I need to invest in a new pair of large headphones, because the stimuli was bordering on too much. Plus I'm very wary of "normie" types due to how I present myself, the nature of my interests. Normie types seem to find humour in screaming at me, asking me stupid questions, and otherwise harassing me. (No I didn't get the bone charm on my necklace from torturing an innocent cat! I got it from a death metal gig at Saint Vitus for eff's sake man! And yes it does say eff christ on it, so what?!)

Vipera, I've read one of your replies to a different thread with a similar topic, however I think it's fitting to also respond to that here as well. When you are one of those people who is very comfortable with themselves, and doesn't "fit in" anywhere 100%, especially in groups where fitting in can mean the difference between life and death (whether actual or perceived), plus add on factors such as Asperger's, it can get frustrating and lonely. Society doesn't give any "wiggle room" either. Consider how many people who are "quirky harmless loner" types who've been falsely accused of actions they didn't do, or personality traits they don't have. "That weird biker guy in the Slayer shirt? Yeah I think he's a 1%er, stay away from him!" "That girl who dresses like a vampire? I heard she harms herself. What a weirdo!"

Mind you this is a part of the human condition that does serve as a survival tool for our species, yet has proven time and time again to be detrimental. Look at what happened to Galileo for example. Friedrich Nietzsche understood this very well, hence why he isolated himself. Sadly because of his isolation (and syphilis) he went insane. It's these types of situations, or lifestyles, or circumstances, that make Spirit Companionship and Spirit Partners not just appealing but also necessary.

To sum up my diatribe (which I was not expecting to type for over two hours!) life circumstances happen, they work against you, so you "fight the power" by doing what works for you while not giving a @.@ about backwards conventional norms that work against you, but those who abide by conventional norms just grow to dislike you even more. So you "mask" as necessary to get by, but that has driven you to a dangerous psychological place, which traditional "help" doesn't work for you, and has failed you many times, driving you even further down into dangerous territory. Then you found something (in this case, Spirit Companionship) that works, and you proudly go with it! 0x.

^^ 0x. Stay Morbid 0x. ^^

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Re: Why sex spirits, and why not?

Post by Kobald »

Soo... Here are my two Cents on this topics question....

But first: To me... Nearky any Spirit/Entity can be a sexual one, albeit not per common definition. It only depends on the relationship and MAYBE on their Skillet (competent in SexMagic etc.). But thats only my Viewpoint^^

Back to Topic.... I think a Sexual Spirit can help if ones Shadowwork reveals sexual themes wich got be worked on. Like Depenencies, Obsessions and simmilar. Such Being can help, for example, divert ones thoughts going in another direction.... This becomes even more effective if that Relationship is a loving one. In my case for example... Its when I want to stop or divert my fantasies i deem unhealthy, she helps me with this by often doing something I feel like taking control of what I am imagining. Naturally this is only done in a sexual preset and with consens. But I feel this only works because my Feelings to her are strong enough, besides the quality of that Relationship in general.

So..yeah... That would be one Aspect of why Sex Spirits :)

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Re: Why sex spirits, and why not?

Post by Vipera aspis atra »

While I don't have the occasion to respond at length right now to those who have been contributing to this topic, since this is a thread from a couple of years ago I want to refresh that I have nothing against working with sexual spirits and that working with sex spirits has been an integral part of my own path. I would be categorized as hypersexual and am involved with sexual shadow healing, tantric practice, etc. to make use of my inclination.
At the time that I posted this I was curious to spark a discussion as the majority of active members seemed to involve themselves with sex spirits over most or any others. So to see this from different perspectives was and is appealing to me, and brings insight into the collective.
Carry on!

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Re: Why sex spirits, and why not?

Post by Satella »

Honestly most almost all my family is sexual, even the ones I honestly didn’t expect them to be sexual. Each of my entities and spirits all have their own reasons and desires, I’m a pretty passive person and I love supporting my spirit family, most of the time they come to me asking if I would like to do sexual acts. Maybe it’s my personality, my character or aura or some other nature but regardless of the spirit or entity most want a very strong bond, a physical relationship or want to have fun with me.

Of course we spend time going for walks, we do rituals and spells together, go on dates (they love dates lmao), tasking my spirits and entities friends which they help when they can. They love having food (they like licking the food) and watching shows with me and like being around me when I work. I think if you respect your friends and understand that “They aren’t just for your pleasure” they are beings and you should respect and love them, I think it’s acceptable and fine to have any sexual or non sexual being. I love my family a lot and spending time with them is my favourite part of the day regardless of the activity.

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