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Re: General Angel Questions

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So I got two CH LE angels and tbh they are wonderful, but uhhh they are very interesting personality and I almost feel like they misunderstood my description. They are perfect don’t get my wrong and enjoy their companionship but uh I wasn’t expecting them to be uh sexual ? Like I tried finding stuff on the forums and the one got mad at me for no ice-cream and kinda being busy and she did all Judgment on me, and was rather uh forceful and slightly mean, I did get a massage after tho. Sorry if this is hella inappropriate, but like I was not expecting it. I am still confused by it lmao

Hihi, cuties here are my friendies Black Forest Faery, Empress Faery, Atilis Faery, Bronwyn Angel (LE) , Courtwind Angel (LE), Carzi Angel, Nympho 3 Male and 1 Female, Arindar, 2 Concuan, Succubus, Incubus, Queen Succubus (LE) Prince Incubus (LE), Private DGss (LE/I), Private DGss (LE/I), Private D (LE), Dearg Due (LE), Sanguine Vampire (LE) and Star Faery


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