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Clarification: the CH Class article does talk about a "more powerful presence" of a spirit at different Class levels but I think CH use their words very carefully indeed. So the word presence is probably important there.

I hope my contributions have been useful. I'd only be repeating myself if I say any more.

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Yes, I agree with and won't repeat @Lewk .May I please add this much...
I feel that it's also depends greatly on our development energetic make up how strongly our spirit companion will able to interact with us.

Here is what I mean. I have an Elder Neb Djinn. One of the most powerful beings according to many practitioners. I have no doubt about it. But I have the least physical manifestation or experience with her or infact with any of my Djinn.

The question is, why do I have almost daily manifestation from my light arts angelic types, yet my powerful Djinnics is my most subtle companions?

Well, the answer is my own soul /spirit energy texture, make up / signature and power levels combined together is weak to match me with my Djinn's manifestation power.

Obviously I don't have it in my energy to help them interact with me on a physical level like my angels or my earthen beings capable to draw near me without causing me to literally faint in my spirit.

That is what has happened with my very first CH Djinn. Poor thing, tried to manifest 3 times to me during my bonding months and not once I could bear the pressure on my energy nor was I able to stay continuously alert to catch her glimpse.

That might be also the key to understanding acclimatise to dark art being with headaches an so on and the level of bindings that CH applies to conjure spirit for us. They can scent our energy signature. And I believe it's vital for us to get to know the reality what our energy can bear with and our soul can get stressed with supernaturally speaking. I believe there's a limit on human vessels like us.

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Lewk wrote:
Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:34 pm

Probably best if you ask CH if they can clarify that precisely for you.

You've probably read the CH article on Spirit class levels.

https://shop.creepyhollows.com/class-ra ... irits.html

It's easy to read that and come away with the idea that it is the class of the spirits themselves that are rated as Class 1-5 tier 3 or Dynamic. And therefore when the spirit's binding is recaptured at a higher Class the spirit is made more 'powerful'.

I've pondered that article over the last 4 years or so and have come to the conclusion that it is the binding (not the spirit) that is elevated in power/class. It literally says that, as I read it.

This may well make the spirit easier to bond with for some people or easier for the spirit to control their manifestations with you etc. (See the CH Classes article for a description of the benefits and differences of each Class level.)

And I think an initial conjuration at a lower Class does seem to call forth spirits differently, or different ones come forward, than an initial conjuration done at a higher Class. But...

Bronwyn Angels are a good example. The CH Shop describes them as being "an Omnipotent race". So I find myself thinking if an angel is already omnipotent, how would changing their Class make them any more omnipotent than they already are?

I may be totally off the mark on all of this. Of course anyone is free to disagree with me and if CH say I've got it wrong I haven't got a leg to stand on.

Maybe you should just ask CH support outright if their spirits have actual power levels and does a recapture increase their power? Also, what else could. And what do they mean when they say power? (nb They don't actually use that word in the Class article.)
to add on to lewk's post, i bought the recapture bag to dynamic level and rebind some class 5 to class 5T3 and dynamic. based on what was communicated to me via helpdesk, the recapture service don't allow the original spirit bound to possess a stronger core energy but gives a boost of sort to the current binding so it is reflective of the elevated class chosen. sort of like a sun ray being boosed through a magnifying lens.

also, if anyone bought the recapture bag, i'd advise not to increase the class ratings of all your bindings at once. i foolishly tried that thinking it will be convenient - with over 50 bindings, and 30 mins later i feel woozy and my blood sugar levels dropped. it was a crazy feeling, like i had done a strenous exercise and was low in sugar. i had to rush to the kitchen to munch on something sweet cause i felt like i was about to pass out.

this may not be the same for others, but i get side effects from activating the dynamite bindings (more than an hour i feel like puking every time i activate a dynamite binding), so if you're sensitive to energies, take note.

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