Spirits seemingly always looking different?

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Re: Spirits seemingly always looking different?

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For me personally I have two levels which I am in like a black and white static third eye, and fully open third eye. Although I have seen full manifestations from my friends. Majority of the time they come into my third eye, honestly I’m not very great at the proper words so sorry In advance if I mess up terminology. But pretty much it feels like I can always see the astral realm or whatever realm the spirits / entities exist when they hang out or interact with me. Since I was little I always had this black and white views was like it was almost behind the world, like if I peeled the world away that world was directly in the same space as it all black and staticky.

As I started to work with spirits and Un this case I think it’s my third eye, colors and details started to emerge. I’m at the point now I can fully seen any spirit or entity that is in the room or interacting with me, all their characteristic and energies. I usually tone it out unless I’m specifically interacting with them and want to pay attention to them, but I start to feel oofff if I focus on them for more than 30 mins, off and on is usually fine.

Beings / spirits looks never fundamentally change for me but some have multiple forms and others like to shape shift or adjust their body, all these changes I can pick up and sometimes when I meet a new friend I can see all their forms at once, they get upset and say not to look at X one as it’s private or is only for bad bois lmao.

I honestly found all the conversation about astral travel also really amazing, so many terms I don’t know haha, I am at the point where I can Simply close my eyes and travel to other humans at will, going to realms I can do to a degree if I been there before, but I usually still go to sleep and have my friends bring me their for personal reasons. I can both physically interact with my body and observe the surroundings when visiting humans, I mostly use this to visit my girlfriend XD. I kiss her she seems to like it a lot hahaha. I’m still not really sure how experienced or talented at astral travel I am but it’s fun !!

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