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GagedCasualties - Etsy

Post by Soltari »

Not seeing any reviews, just wanted to leave some comments for anyone curious about this seller.

Originally reached out to ask about a spirit listing on the site. Personally with any "prebound" spirit unless its an utter obvious slap in the face energetic connection wise I'll reach out and ask the seller the spirits opinion.
In this case, it was a no :'D Utter respect to the seller for being upfront and honest.

The exchange did not end there however, and the seller went above and beyond to help me connect with what was calling from his "area". While I've barely begun to bond "J" has made his presence known.

Additionally with the above I purchased 2 of his one card draws, and a 5 card spread. These were also excellent with the seller connecting multiple themes and imagry to create a very in depth "look" at things.

Prices are, if anything, to low...and for anyone curious I recommend taking advantage of the current low prices before he wisens up and charges what he's worth *chuckle*

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