Is Your Astral Body Human?

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I’m not gonna get too into this but, my astral body has been confirmed not human by both immortals and pretty much all my beings in my keep, I have two main astral bodies one is my astral body which I use and the other I never used as it’s uh scary hahahha. Mine has 6 black wings with flowing and space / star sparkly shadow feel, it can change based on how much energy I take in, I have flowing long wavy white hair, blue eyes which look like a event horizon and a nebula at the same time it’s rather intoxicating to look at and I have three blue halos.

My astral body is always like this and I can feel the wings when I move around in my normal body. When I astral travel and people are sensitive enough they always see the same thing which is what I described, I have the ability to shapeshift not only my astral body but make clones of them I have three clones a momma astral body haha and a small fairy one, I was told these are all technically my astral bodies.

Not sure this is part of my astral body but I can put a third eye illusion or mask over my human body to make it look like anything, you have to be rather sensitive but it’s pretty fun with my gf hahaha. I know right away when it’s not a normal dream as I’m always in my astral body, I can change how I look but even if I shape-shift it’s like I have a hologram of my actual astral body floating behind me.

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Definitely not human. Although most of the time I appear more like myself, with other forms being uncommon. I can look humanoid and I've seen my reflection in dreams. I think I posted before that Joel of Moonlitshollow said I am a shapeshifter. My soul is masculine though. I've been able to shapeshift into a different form actively in dreams/astraling, just not a frequent thing. I think according to Joel I have wings but they sort of cover me, they point more inward/around the body. Also him and another person have noted I have some kind of black cloak that goes up around my neck lol. I've seen myself wear a black cloak or shroud once ever so I thought that was interesting.

This is true though because I have been a man in my dreams a lot..other times I am me with my long purple hair, but my eyes look different. My eyes always have a pointed look and all black, and do not look human. Last time I was a man I had brown hair and wore a dress shirt though

Because I share an astral body with my spiritual guardian sometimes he's in control, with either his blonde or black short hair, and his usual fashion. On some occasions we can have separate bodies, I've had a few dreams of meeting up and talking to him and we retain our gender expression.

"내가 꿈에나와도 그건 귀신이나 괴한이 아니야. 천사지."

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I share co-consciousness and a shared astral body with my spiritual guardian, "Victor," or "L," who is an angelic entity.
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