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At its simplest put, this is a mystically innovated and carefully curated collection of old and out-of-print excerpts from hard-to-find or navigate metaphysics books with an emphasis on the thread that runs through them. A piece of ancient meets techno-magic in a PDF only release.


I am calculatedly organizing the passages into easy-to-reference sections and lining up consistent findings or elements that might have only minor differences of explanation from each other in order to enable multifaceted understanding, for an overall complete picture that can guide you well in your journey... with a component of divine facilitation.

This collection unifies a comprehensive array of knowledge; as curator I am making a message known in spirit through the minds of those who are not frequently read today.
The Compendium is at once important reading material and magical technology, it functions for the reader in proper sequence for those working on specific areas in their practice/path or multiple areas, or those who haven't even realized the existence/importance of some aspects yet.

It is a product of innumerable hours of work. I'm in a unique position where I have access to an antique/vintage collection of such books along with an ability to locate and identify further resources of use via my study of metaphysics and the occult through different eras and how they would apply.

There are layers to the significance of this as I piece it together via an alchemist's mindset.
The outcome is not a bunch of randomness or where only some topics appeal and are necessary to the individual (because we are all heeding different callings); it is a compendium with intention behind it to awaken the reader, open doors or elucidate in a way that will help things click into place for you no matter where you are at in your progress or what angle you are working from.

The cover/titular page of the book will pull you into those contents with a piece of magically activated art I've created specifically for it. It anchors your experience using hidden sigils and distinctive imagery that will contrast the text.

* * *

Free libraries can only offer so much and usually carry all of the same documents, but there's little idea of where to start for most people or which book is going to be the one to offer what the individual really needs, it can be overwhelming if you don't know what all of the references are when going in, the styles of the authors involved, the superstition or religious basis behind the info, etc.

I am always asked for book recommendations and I can rarely recommend any because either the books I like most are hard to get, or I know for a fact only portions of these books would be useful to the individual which you'd need someone to point out to you, and then again you may or may not be ready to understand.
This compilation is the ultimate book recommendation I could give at the time I am typing this and one of its focuses is in making it possible for you to absorb as you are consuming it.



As previously announced:

I would like to safeguard the release of this by ensuring those who seek it are sent it at the same time, highlighting the collectively illuminating desire I have for the work. There is an intense energetic force behind the compilation in the alchemic manner I am formulating it, it is meant to have an impact or may even be understood as creating a portal to advancement for the individual.

So I am doing a pre-order, and to contribute to that impact it will be heightened by a specially chosen date -
December 3rd, 2022
This is when Neptune goes direct in Pisces after having been in retrograde since the end of June. A prime time for anyone to receive mystical truth after learning to cut through illusion and better align with intuition. You will also note the 6-6 numerology which can be unpacked to indicate the number of the adept - 33. It's a very important date to this project and in general.


The price is $33 USD. Contact me here for an invoice.

(After the group receiving it on Dec 3rd, I will be offering and sending it out in batches aligned with appropriate planetary hours/days --again, to increase its influence which means you may not have your chance again for some time. I also cannot ensure the price will remain the same. There was an enormous investment placed into completing this.)

Because there are all sorts of books that are part of this, it is not any sort of formal publication, there is no copyright on it, hence making access to it as a PDF very sensible rather than getting too fancy. The only thing about the bulk of the book that is completely mine is how it is structured and released which is founding its importance. I don't need to copyright that, as only I could replicate the formula behind it.


Solve et coagula

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
—Oscar Wilde
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