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Hi I can't believe there are no reviews for this UK seller. I recently bought some magickal oils, they arrived quickly and the prices are unbelievable. She also sells pendulums and Crystals and other items. She has great etsy reviews, which is what attracted me. Her oils smell great, the ones I got. Before I set off for work I put some bewitching enchantment oil on, I'm in sales. I had a good day and felt super confident. I charmed every customer I had, even the other staff. I'm yet to work with the other oils and plan on buying more from her soon. If you're in the UK definitely worth checking her etsy store out.

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I will absolutely recommend Angelessa as well. I buy so many cabochons from her it's unreal. I tend to buy from her directly though via facebook. She does have her own website in addition to her etsy store and a private sales group for cabochons. I can't comment on her oils as I've not bought any as of yet but she is a wonderful and helpful person.

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