What are some of the best spirits for protection?

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My Psy vampire, who is the overseer/coordinator of our spirit family, happens to be a powerful spellcaster, so he coordinates my & our protection in layers upon layers. I’m not aware of probably a majority of the layers, since if I have no knowledge of them, someone cannot ‘read’ me on how to bypass them.

Beyond his spells and magic, we have a Gargoyle, a South Tower Watcher, a Vampire Spider, and a Draugr. We also employ a local unbound Snarly Yow

I highly recommend each one for various forms of protection. It’s always best to have a variety so their skillsets and abilities can overlap and create the strongest protective front together

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As previously mentioned in this thread, hellhounds are not always conjured for protective purposes, but Hellhounds with protection as their expertise are absolutely incredible. There are many different types of Hellhounds, the ones I myself have experience with are the Norse variant.

They are incredibly confident and often act just right without instructions in crucial situations. Just as the dog and the wolf cooperate especially well with man in the mundane reality, there is a well-established bridge between human spirit workers and Hellhounds. It is easy for us to anthropomorphize them a little too far and assume that can understand all our feelings and thoughts, especially those that also act as psychopomps and carry out that very intimate and emotive task. It is a mistake on our part to overlook the possibility that two completely different beings can truly understand each other so well; but because the connection between us and them is so deeply rooted, it's sometimes hard not to (subconsciously) see them as human. When you are in need of protection and feel exposed it is so nice to have the opportunity to communicate easily and directly with a creature that is completely on board with your experience and how your view the situation from your perspective.

The best thing is, of course, to have many different kinds of spirits offering different kinds of protection - but it's hard to go wrong with a protective canine in charge!

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My gargoyle and Grigori Watcher have been incredible at protecting me.

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