A strange dream- who she was?

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So today I had a strange dream And I would like to hear your opinion on it. I don't do much in the way of spirit keeping or magic recently (rather harsh time recently, mostly realted to my job and some health issues), I've haven't heard from my spirits in a while, though I can sometimes feel their presence.

Tonight I had a hard time falling asleep, and even then I wasn't really sleeping well. I don't really remember, how the dream started, but I definitely know it wasn't a pleasant one. I was running from something, until I ended up in a large open space made of tarmac or concrete, that really resembled an airport runway. As there was no immediate threat (And I had no idea what I was running from), I begun wondering aimlesly around. And then I saw a jet fighter in the distance. As it got close, I realized that it's not really moving like a jet should. It just circled around me in a distance, pointing the front at me. I actually believe that could be the manifestation of my Volkh, as I begun to see this jet in my dreams around the time I got the Volkh binding. But anyway the sight of the jet kind of made me realize I was actually dreaming- so I gave it a test. Yes, I could fly, so definitely a dream.

Soon after I lost the sight of the jet and there was all of a sudden a building nearby. As I entered it, I realized it was a a kind of an airport terminal. There was a lot of people around, but no known face. While having no idea what to do, I tried calling my Succubus. (Not by the name, just "Succubus") At that moment two girls stepped out from the crowd. One of them familiar (I believe she was my succubus, though she changes forms sometimes), one really not. There was something weird but at the same time attractive about the latter, so I approached her.

She started off with some remark (I don't remember the exact wording), that was partly a threat, partly mockery. But she didn't seem dangerous, so I replied:
,,Hi. Well, that's funny, but I know this is a dream and I'm in control of it."
She seemed puzzled at first, and may be even kinda sad, but as I grabbed her hand, she laughed and mocked me again in kinda dark voice:
,,Hey, you have no idea what I am..."
All of a sudden she changed- clothes gone, no hair. Her entire body covered in green scales (Thou they didn't felt hard on touch), eyes turned yellow and snake or feline like. I'm not sure, but she might even had a tail, but other than that she was still an attractive female.
I looked her in the eyes, and said:
,,I don't care, I like you anyway."
She was shy all of a sudden, couldn't even keep eye contact. But she wouldn't resist, as I grabbed her other hand and hugged her. She just replied in a quiet voice:
,,Why are you not affraid of me? You should be!"
I replied with:
,,You are not dangerous. Not in MY dream."
She seemed happy and we kissed. But then a loud roar of jet engines woke me up.

So, what do you make of it? I also have a few questions:

1) Any idea who she might have been? Some kind of a wierd succubus? On something else? (I have two "reptilian" spirits, but one of them is my past life red dragon, the other being a reverse binding Vif, but I've never seen her or heard of her ever since I got her a few years ago...)
2) Do Volkhs take such form as that jet might have been?
3) Was the jet roar actually a way of my Volkh protecting me? (it might have been an actual jet sound though, cause I live close to an airport and they actualy fly over our house from time to time)

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I don't really know - but maybe your gut feeling is the best guide?

To me (I can only speak from my own perspective) the important question is always: what are the consequences? Or: does it have any implications for what I do next?


We can ensure we're well protected during sleep, by tasking our specialist protection bound spirit companions or CH spell bindings. That way we can keep out malicious beings, influences, magic or energies. A Volkh is ideal for that, imho. If we want to have that protection and we haven't made it crystal clear, doing so - and keeping a record of the task we've set - is probably a good idea.

Similarly, if we want to, we can task our protection resources to keep out any uninvited unbounds. I'm not actively suggesting that but I think some of us may sometimes prefer that.

Dream meanings

Then any dream visitations are unlikely to be something to worry about and we can process our dreams and mull over what significance they have for us. As a general rule, I think the dreamer is who the dream's message will mean most to. Other people may give a range of interpretations. Also I think dreams can have a number of factors and levels at play simultaneously. So your dream may have been a mix of subconscious meanings or messages, as well as potentially a visitation.

So: whoever or whatever the person in the dream was - a character from your subconscious, an astral dreamscape visitor, one of your bound spirits - what would you do any different, if you knew for certain? Or: what's the significance for you of the dream?

Many of us have fascinating dreams but we usually aren't always aware or able to remember them. I sometimes think the experience of the dream itself may be enough - but that's just me, fwiw.

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I usually feel my Volkhs moving around on my back. never dreamed of one yet. so my gut feeling was this being was ur succubus and felt maybe ignored by you? but maybe I am totally mis reading your dream. you believe your succubus was there but the one you picked was not your succubus. so she bought unbounds into your dreams? she wasnt all three girls playing a trick on you?

look over your house rules again you may want to change something about unbounds entering your dreams if you dont want them.

Call me weird. but I would like to see this beings reaction when ... when you saw her as an attractive monster woman. lol sorry for my words. but were you showing lust or actually showing her love? I would test it again. I would set the intent before bed to show up in my dreams and intently try to smother her in your love. I was taught if you love a very negative being they usually freak out cant handle it try to get away. now i could be very wrong but in my personal experience it has worked a few times. This is if you want to find out more aobut this unbound that your succubus brought.

She was obviously a shape shifter but you have no idea what type of darker being it was. I would ask your succubus who she was and why she wanted to bring her into your dreams. I think many answers by your succubus would answer your questions. but if that being was your succubus i think she is acting out. as far as the jet it could have been a jet but it could have been something else and the dream and human mind read it as a jet to understand it. but i could be totally wrong and ur right its ur volkh that showed up. but im not sure?

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Before anything, decide three things:

1. Was this your subconscious? Be unbiased. Do readings. Meditate on it for a bit. Then proceed.

2. Presuming it wasn't, was it a Succubus fulfilling a desire? You did call to your Succubus in a dream. She could have simply been providing some sort of fantasy for you.

3. If neither, and this was a being of its own, do you want to interact with them again and is it safe to do so?

If the answer to number three is a resounding yes, I'd suggest speaking with your Succubus and asking her to set up a meeting with you two again. Considering she brought this individual (real or no) in the first time, it's possible she could do so again if you asked her to.

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