Should I Start Tasking a New Companion Immediately?

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Thank y'all for all the replies! Y'all were definitely right about it depending on the spirit, this has been quite a different experience compared to my first three companions. Here's a little update.

His vessel arrived not long after my initial post. After doing the welcoming ritual, it didn't feel right to task him with anything big right away. Instead, I spent the first week or so just hanging out and getting to know him, I let him know that help is appreciated but not required. My favourite hang out was when we went to a small local punk and hardcore show, I discovered a new favourite band, and I'm pretty sure the combination of spelled perfumes and bringing a companion drove away some bad actors.

The past few weeks I've been bonding every day and giving him small tasks. Mostly stuff to aid in bonding. Usually I'll task him before I go to bed to manifest in my dreams or affect my dreams in some way, and to at least try to leave me hints that he's there. That's been going good, I think, but since I've started shielding before I sleep I've been forgetting most of my dreams as soon as I wake up. I do know I've been having less nightmares though and I can remember the feelings I felt in the dream, and I remember feeling his presence.

He's resparked my special interest in Vampire fiction, and my interest in the arts, too. The past few years I've been focusing on sewing and fashion design, because I've been extremely uninspired musically and artistically. I haven't had the motivation to complete any projects since Halloween. Since this companion joined the keep, I've come up with a really cool idea for a novel. I'm still fleshing it out, I don't have a plot yet, but the concept is that feeding will be an allegory for some personal trauma. It'll probably end up being more of a horror story or a descent into madness if I ever actually write it. Kind of like, how my life could have been in an alternate timeline if I never found the support I have now, and also vampires lol.

I'm glad I've been taking this time to bond and get to know him. It's been a really cool experience and there's been lots of unexpected adventures. I may still task him with the task I had in mind eventually, but it doesn't feel like it's time yet. It feels like he wants to focus on getting me back into the arts and being a part of those projects right now. He's definitely been a big help with my confidence without having to be tasked for that anyways, which is all I really wanted.

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