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If you have a Website or a Marketplace Shop, introduce yourself in this area!
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You are...: a practitioner
Number of Spirits: 500
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Your favorite spirit to work with: ETs & Angelics
If I could be anything, I would be...: Wolf Shifter
My super power would be...: Ability to shape-shift
My magical/paranormal name...: Seraphina

Name of Shop: Eternal Winds
Owners: Seraphina Phoenix
Shop website:
Social media: none as of yet
CH Forum/Community/Social Media Usernames: Seraphina444

Length of time in business: Including Previous Shop and services: 15 years spells/magickal items to public & 3 years conjuring to public
Length of time practicing/learning: 28 years
Credentials/referrals/reviews: referrals=Sophia Nyx đź’™
Previous Name Used: Azazaryn

***I am excited to be returning after a much needed break. I have rebranded my site and emerged from my break with a new purpose and a new name that feels more fitting, Seraphina. **

Seraphina Phoenix
Eternal Winds
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If I could be anything, I would be...: Celestial
My super power would be...: See spirits in true form
My magical/paranormal name...: Aster 🌟 Jupiter

I am taking the time to do this review for Seraphina’s order that I received about 3 weeks ago. I am pretty sure that I already left a review here before, but disappeared. Anyhow, I try again now after 3 weeks of having my very first sanguine vampire from her.

It’s a huge learning experience for me with vampires. I would not go out of my way to look for one, because it’s out of my comfort zone, stress levels. So how did I get end up then with a female Carpathian vampire spirit companion? I heard a call…for few months until I find mine. Initially, I refused to look into it, since I am okay with my psy vamp family. But the call and carpathian kept popping up. I thought maybe a Hungarian type is there that was calling me? I checked prebonds around my favourite website but they were all presented to be very dark for my bearings.

I was sleeping on it more…until Seraphina’ s website info popped up, introducing her new name upgrade that I like and an invite for her new shop. I did and really liked my vampire description in her site and everything about her plus she is from Romania. That is my Carpathian call. It was spontaneous… and I placed my order….well, with much difficulty due to website issues. Eventually Seraphina herself paypal me, so after emailing her back and forth for 8 hours, we could gotten ahead and finalised this purchase.

She has an excellent professional attitude and polite manners on emails conversation with much patience. Even in this stressful situation, that my money did not wanted to go through, she was kept on helping me and emailing me back with solutions, even with a discount due to direct binding, no shipping and exchange rates.

My vampire quickly became my go to vamp. She is amazing, not overpowering, very protective of me. She is so easy to telepath with and has that real guidance vibes about her. She got onto my master vessel with distance delivery.

Seraphina provided to me a perfect info and short message from my vamp. This was so meant to be and I am super happy to have my fantastic friend vampire from Romania. She organised for me a meet and greet for an hour also, just to see if we are okay energetically.

I recommend Seraphina and her website for everyone. Although I don’t planning to get much more spirits from anyone for now, as I have my number of companions & spirit family maxed out…for a while uwu. It has been a wonderful experience and she even followed up about few days after it.

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