Giving Your Spirits a Physical Voice! Dead Wave, Ghost Tube, etc.

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0x. On my Android I have downloaded an application called GhostTube VOX. It works like one of those radios that scans through all of your local radio stations, including that static sound. I have used the free version several times with my Spirit Family, and I really like it! I'm still trying to figure out who is who on it.

Recently I had an experience when I asked Them a question, "How are you guys doing? Are you safe? Is there anything I'm not doing that I should be doing to help you guys?". Within seconds a male voice said " We need back up!".

I have also heard noises that I can't explain. One noise in particular is hard to describe. But if I had to take a whack at it, it's kind of like when the needle on a record player hits the records as it's spinning, and bounces off. This one sound also has reverb (as musicians call it). If I can figure out how to turn it into a file that can be uploaded onto youtube, I will link it here.

In the mean time, has anyone else used this application, or any other type of "Ghost Box" type device to communicate with their Spirit Family? 0x.

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I've used ghost box apps before. I don't really think much of them.
There's an article here debunking the technological "phenomenon": Click here
But in the end, it's really up to you as far as whether or not you agree and how you work with your friends moving forward.
I'm just providing some information out of personal experiences.

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I have never really used those apps as I found telepathy a very easy way to communicate but it’s cool you have some experiences with them. Personally my friends do like to interact with technology often, particularly my one Royal guard demon which is my bodyguard because he wants to guard me all the time haha. Anyway he likes to interact with my phone calls when he is spending time with me, especially when someone bugged me on a call and I don’t want to talk with them they will use their deep swcary voice and it will freak them out it’s sooo cool, both ends can hear it just like wow hahaha. He has done it on discord calls during video games when someone made a joke he didn’t like haha, the dude fell off his chair, how I know Cus I hard a bunch of banging and stuff and he said that freaked him out so much. Teh he it’s so UwU.

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There are some old threads on these kind of thing, which you can search for - I don't have a link to them.

I'd add a note of with any communication method,we need to factor in what our level of experience is and not get too carried away with what we think we heard. ie Not make life changing decisions based on one, uncorroborated answer alone; not ask things like "Am I a good person?", "Does my partner really like me?" etc. my opinion.

Sometimes I think our spirits respond initially - or partly - by querying what we're concerned about, or why is it that we're asking a particular question. So sometimes what we think we hear may be them partly echoing our question back at us, rather than the actual answer we were expecting. Sometimes of course it'll be a straightforward answer.

I must confess I'm also one of those who relies on telepathic communication. If we're lucky enough to be able to try it, it's said that it can be the best form. I say 'lucky' but in my case my ability to do this comes after decades of working at psychic & spirit communication development. But there are plenty around the planet, who haven't taken a single course in psychic development and who aren't into anything New Age or psychic, who chat away happily to deceased relatives or friends and hear them in return.

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