Gaged Casualties Down To The Wire!!

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new here
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Good Morning,

There is a mere TWO WEEKS left until we close for good. Stock is now dropped down to 5 per listing. I have also redone the prices to reflect an additional 15% off Totems, Zodiacs, and Spirit/Entities. This means they are all 85% the original price!! Due to the Etsy limits, I cancelled the sale and hand entered the prices.

Totem: $1.50

Spirits and Entities: $2.55

Zodiacs: $3.20

There is a limited amount of Zodiacs left. As of the 25th, the least popular listings will be retired and never come back. Once the final Zodiacs are gone, they will be gone forever.

Come have a look!


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The discounts are very nice, thank you. I love both my Hellborne Dragon & my Aurora Dragon plus I'm very excited for my Gemstone Dinosaur companion as well. I only regret not hearing of you sooner, and I wish you the best of luck in your own journey❣



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