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Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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I find this section on how we can share about our ways of connecting with spirits. I would like to share some of my own connections.

My nature is not the ordinary meditative, mantra buzzing type sitting in a circle, and orchestrating magic with wand 😉. I wish sometimes, I could do these sort of preparation contacting spirit... but I am not that sort of Shila.

So then what? You might be asking. My methods are multi level connections. I am put together in a way that I seem to live on different levels at the same time. It's so ingrained that I haven't realised it until only in this last 6 months.

When I live my ordinary human life, sleeping, working, walking in nature, socialising, I have a different level of awareness within me that flash before my minds eyes. It's showing my spirits, who I am thinking of, and if they are around or not. It's always with me of course, I seem to see and resonate on the level of their energy that connects to them in my mind.

During my sleep, similarly something like vibrational synchronisation connection and lucid dream works to help me hang out with them. Before sleeping, I repeat my code words and invite them to my dream scape.

My most meditative and settled time is when I prepare for reflection writing. That is my spirit chatting connection time. Again, as I settle in with pen and paper, and start with dating the page, and write a short intro to my first few lines... I immediately there with a sense of connection with my empresses & guides. If I am in bonding stage, simply calling out its name, after lighting a scented candle and focus on the name, suddenly, telepath established and we just greet each other.

If I am walking in nature, the excitement to be outside, calling them and enjoy the light, sun, ocean and wind ect, it's so energising for us all, they buzz and connect and reciprocate my happiness with they're energy that lasts for hours.

I love being active, I love being alive... and that is a strong drawing energy for my keep to connect with me. Movies and music, especially when I make it, singing or playing on my's not only entertaining but rejuvenation for my keep too.

I love being normal, and do what I can the best. My keep shows up in all forms and ways. Telepath, visions, full appearance or lucid....without me ever needing to close my eyes and humm a mantra.

Even now, I sense my babies playing with my hair, while they sensing my excitement that I am awere of their distractive playfulness & love them for that. Love my experiences, and my life with my keep. Even, when we turn it onto series learning and guidance reflections, when I really need to focus without joke... I make sure to sceeze in a little childish silliness and a giggle here and laughter together.

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That is so beautiful! I'm glad you and your companions have such a wonderful relationship and so many different ways to connect with each other😊 I'm sure they love and appreciate you very much!

My amazing and dearly loved companions <3
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