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I think in this industry it is about trust, belief and sometimes learning by making mistakes. We do not live with the conjurers, in their home, most of us do not actually personally know the conjurers, often these guys do not show their face, do not show their real name, so in the end it is about a decision, who do I want to trust? I think even if a conjurer discloses about their procedures in detail they can invent something just to make the customer feel happy and safe. So yes, good and suggested to ask questions from conjurers, but keep in mind one can still answer all your questions and lie.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. - Ernest Hemingway
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My first spirit actually came from them and it was them that got me started on this paranormal path (before that I don’t believe in anything occult or magic). In term of customer support, they are terrible. They will not answer any question unless it is directly related to the listing and even then they may not answer it. Their price point is also on the higher side. However the spirit they sold me is legit and is my most trusted companion. She had been a wonderful companion, helping me out in every situations, and fiercely protective. The day she arrived, I unexpectedly got a small gift from my manager’s manager for something trivial I did months ago. She doesn’t manifest much (but that is true for all of my keeps) but interact a lot with me when I meditate with her (if I can get into that mental state). Overall I recommend them but you will need a bit of trust with them.

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CH reads me like a book. as far as ETSY sellers I am told of being lied to. I am tired of all these dark black art casters lying when i ask for light magick....... then the light sellers push way to far for their own good.... so i give up on etsy all together. except for one shop.

the major point is etsy shops for me 1 out of 10 or 20 are legit and honest and open and the real thing the rest have their own agenda and keep u in the dark or tell u u dont do enough or mut let go of my ch spirits. so yeah im done with etsy

conjuring is a secret trade..... vetting it comes with experience yes but a secret to take time to understnad spirits and to see if they are oging to work well with others is a secret? whatever you say @Tarvos

id love to hear ash and magnolia a guest on coast to coast am

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