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Lewk wrote: Sat Sep 09, 2023 11:19 pm
charynn76 wrote: Fri Sep 08, 2023 5:32 pm I'm in the same boat if not more dejected. I've never so far in almost a year, had any tangible communication to the concuan or the succubus. I've done so many things to help this state, 3rd eye spells, closeness spells. Nothing seems to move the needle just a little. I meditate constantly throughout the day, but nothing ever comes into focus. I definitely feel like maybe, I'm so broken there isn't a fix. Side note when I work with demons "ars goetia" I strongly feel their presence, again can't say it's a two way communication but at least I know they are listening. I'm open to anyone with suggestions or maybe had similar experiences to help me out.
I hope some of this is useful.

I think the standard thing with spirit/entity communication is to go back to first principles.

1. Have we developed spirit interaction to the point of being able to see and hear our companions?
If not, stick at it. It can take time.

2. Are we fixating on, or making a big deal about it? Getting attached to the results rather than the process? Measuring ourselves against what we think others are achieving? ...The glass half empty / 'Are We There Yet?' attitude. It's best to relax, take it easy give ourselves some credit. Approaching spirit communication in a relaxed, playful manner, as an experiment, may put us in a better frame of mind.

3. The slightest anxiety or uncertainty can create a block.

4. One tip is to work with the spirit companion who we have the closest connection with. Then we can use what we've learned with other companions.

5. Both WA & DA spirits can be communicated with equally. If we have difficulty with one, it could be a psychological thing. If you connect with Goetia but not with a Succubus, I think this could be own to an inability tot feel the subtly different energies or perhaps a mental block. btw are the Goetia you connect with bound in the modern spirit keeping way? This difference could be a factor too.

6. Don't look for impressive manifestations. It's mainly a subtle thing. Once we've noticed it, it's easier to return to. And both our spirit companion and we can work with it more easily. Once we're confident with it, it can become second nature. Lack of trust or confidence causes a subtle block.

7. You might find that doing a space cleansing; cleansing, centering and grounding yourself plus being in a calm, meditative state makes it easy for your spirits to contact you effortlessly. When that calm clear state is lost, for example, when focusing on achieving or trying, you may find the connection seems to vanish.

None of this may apply to you. It maybe something else that breaks the log jam.

One last thing that might be worth having a go at is going through the motions. Proceed as if the connection with the companion is 100% fine. Do tasking, make requests as if they're heard and responded to.

Trust. Try not to slip into worry mode.
This was so very helpful as I am having the same problem. Thank you.

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StarSoul_7 wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 4:48 am
Lewk wrote: Sat Sep 09, 2023 11:19 pm [...]
I hope some of this is useful.[...]
This was so very helpful as I am having the same problem. Thank you.

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