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acifroc wrote: Thu Mar 09, 2023 1:01 pm does anyone know if this etsy Phil seller of inspiring magick is still active I can't contact him
hit and miss. he responds to me sometimes. the spirits i have from him are real. the interactions that i have had. he knows iv had issues could be why he isnt very active always on top of my messages. he has told me has had some personal issues with family or friends as well. maybe check back with him? I really do feel the spirits he has given me day one taking my hand very cool. fire witch from him i felt a ember bounce down my hand and arm. i felt a royal court djinn take my hand so very delicate but after that i havnt had interactions but i know its bc i am blind and deaf most of the time. comes and goes for me in waves.

Ivorypagan is good.

There are a lot of shops on etsy that are hit and miss...... its a gamble really. foxcoven spirits very GOOD my first spirits i have gotten and still active with me. espically my viking. however spirit support from them is lacking when i had a real issue with a succubus. - vessel turned color and when mediating i saw in my minds eye a being coming out of the ground and charging at me. such a strange night lol.

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